Beyonce's Not Pregnant Sony Rep Says


Beyonce’s Not Pregnant Sony Rep Says

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Despite the rumors, Hip-Hop’s favorite couple isn’t expecting.

By: Amanda Anderson

Sorry Bigga fans, Beyonce and Jay-Z are NOT expecting. I know we all hoped it would be true this time, but despite the circulation of the rumor, the Hip-Hop couple is not expecting. Despite the reports on various blogs and media sources, Beyonce is definitely not pregnant.

After two days of silence and refusal to answer, a representative from Sony records has finally made a statement regarding the rumor. The rep simply tells Rolling Stone that the rumor is “untrue.”

Media Take Out, one of the largest Urban blog sites, is the originator of the pregnancy rumor this time around. On Thursday morning, the site stated that a “rock solid source” had confirmed the pregnancy and that Beyonce was resting.

This rumor is quite predictable as each year there is some random “source” that “confirms” Beyonce’s pregnancy. She has been pregnant for the last 4 years.

Until there are pregnancy pictures or confirmation from reps, don’t hold your breath folks.


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