Did The-Dream Just Confirm That Christina Milian F-cks For Tracks?

By: Taren Vaughan

Christina Milian, a gold digger? Amidst the Twitter beef that these two have going on, The-Dream resurfaces claims that Christina Milian is just that and possibly f-cking for tracks.  He took to Twitter to say he peeped what she was all about early on:

“She had a plan to come up before she met me I called her on it. Go digging for gold u might find it.. But its hard to carry that much weight”

To fire one last shot for the night, The-Dream called on Nivea to back him up:

“@ThisisNivea we know what this is. And if the world is that stupid let it be!

And of course, Christina responded:

“Get Some Class..”

Is it strange that Nivea has never blasted him for being a horrible father yet Christina acts as if he is the worst parent ever? Or is it even stranger that The-Dream felt the need to bring up his former wife in the battle with his latest former wife? Not really, considering that the gossip mill has been claiming that Nivea and Christina Milian never got along in the first place. In fact, here in Atlanta it’s a well known fact (or gossip) that Nivea slapped the hell out of Christina Millian during a heated altercation while she (Christina) was still married to The-Dream.

As some people may think Dream is just blowing smoke to get attention, there are those who think there is much truth behind what he is saying.

Back in February of this year, Ozone Magazine founder Julia Beverly hinted via Twitter that Christina Milian got her record deal with Young Money not because she was some incredible talent that the label just couldn’t pass up on. But it was because Milian was sleeping with someone in their camp.

Her tweets read as follows:

“C milian was “involved” w somebody in YM camp so her signing is not surprising…not gonna put em on blast..but not wayne”

“people think it’s random that she got signed. I’m just saying it’s not. You’d be surprised who knows who & who’s involved w who”

Cortez Bryant, who manages Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne and Drake, was the name rumored as the man who Christina slept with in order to secure her deal. The thought of many is that she went after someone who had a lot of clout, who had the power to put her on and Bryant would be the person for that.

Ironically, Christina uploaded a photo of her in the studio booth to her Instagram last night:

Christina Milian is currently in the studio working on her first album as a member of YMCMB.

Is she a gold digger that f-cks for tracks? We hope not, but her knack for dating most of the men she hits the studio with publicly isn’t helping her any.



  1. Of course she sucks and screws for tracks. She’s a pretty girl but she’s very pathetic too. But there’s hundreds of Christina Milians in Hollywood and some of them are your faves.

  2. Everybody in the business from artists, to writers, to producers knows how Christina gets down. She’s a good girl turned indie tramp. The Dream was so arrogant when he first got big, that a lot of folks in the business weren’t cool with him like that. So when he started parading around town with her on his arm, they said nothing and laughed. He didn’t really find out about her rep until he had already wifed her. I can’t say I feel sorry for either one of them.

  3. I feel sorry for Christina. Any female who allows the industry to reduce her down to nothing but a sexual object is very sad to me. But she has a daughter now, so she needs to try to be a good example for her child. She has a legit record dealand she’s doing an album, so maybe she can stop selling herself so short.

  4. If you never really followed Christina milian, you don’t need to assume or comment because reality is, the azzhole that everybody seems to be listening to is exactly that…an azzhole. The dream is known to be a womanizing, arrogant, biligerent guy and has contributed to his multiple divorces. He is disrespectful and the crazy b**** he now calls on to cosign is the same female he was slandering not too long before Christina. Hell! Nivea is known to be a little psychotic anyway and why is no one saying anything about how she slept and had a baby with both the dream and Wayne. Is that crazy b**** sleeping for tracks? Her wack outdated azz got songs with both of them! Y’all assume because Christina is beautiful and dates famous individuals, she has to be using them. Seriously? Think! The woman has been singing and acting for years since she was a very young teenager and doing a damn good job at it.

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