Bidding For Kanye West’s Sex Tape Already Reaches $1 Million

kanye west sex tape

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West made headlines yesterday once reports emerged that the controversial rapper is caught up in a sex tape controversy. As we reported yesterday, there is a sex tape featuring Kanye and a married woman being shopped around allegedly. According to reports, the sex tape is said to have been shot before Kanye began to exclusively date Kim Kardashian. In the video, Radar Online says that the woman in the sex tape with Kanye makes it clear in the beginning that she is a married woman, unsatisfied with her husband in the bedroom. The site also claims that they watched the tape in full, and they can verify with certainty that the man in the movie is Kanye West. News of the alleged sex tape has been plastered just about everywhere on the web, and nether Kim or Kanye’s camps have confirmed or denied the allegations. But the rumor mill says Kanye West is devastated that the tape has been released, while others say all of this was planned.

Well, according to recent reports, the porn industry has already been bidding large amounts of money on the tape, that is said to feature Kanye West and a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

Here’s what they are saying:

The news of Kanye West’s alleged sex tape with an 18-year-old Kim Kardashian look-a-like is causing up a storm in the world of hip-hop and pop culture, and Canada-based porn company has just offered to start the bid for the highly sought-after footage at $1 million.

The official statement from the website claims, “By making a Kanye West sex tape public, feels that he and current girlfriend Kim Kardashian will become the first celebrity sex-tape power couple. They will be the epitome of Western tabloid culture.” wishes to come to an agreement with the anonymous tape holder as soon as possible, so it can share this content with “everyone.”


  1. Something about all of this is real shady to me. Why would Kanye make a sex tape with a Kim lookalike? And then the chick in the video says she’s married. Is this fool trying to mock and sabotage his own girlfriend?

    1. It’s funny that you say that, because i have been thinking about the possibility of this. Something isn’t right about their “relationship.” He’s done too many things to hurt her image more since they have been together.

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