Idris Elba Opens About the Time a Woman Lied to Him About Fathering Her Son

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actor Idris Elba’s career is taking off and right now there’s Oscar buzz surrounding his role as Nelson Mandela in the upcoming biopic. Idris is one of the several very lucky black men in Hollywood who has managed to keep the roles coming in, and since he seems to play characters impeccably well on the little and big screens, it makes sense that he managed to keep work coming. When it comes to his personal life though, Idris keeps most of it private but his recent interview with GQ Magazine was quite revealing. The actor covers the October issue of the popular publication and he actually revealed that one of the most embarrassing moments of his life was finding out that his ex-girlfriend lied to him about fathering her son. In fact, Idris says the whole situation was such a blow to him because he didn’t learn the truth until after he had told the public he had a son.

Idris tells the magazine he was dating a woman from Florida for a couple of years when she got knocked up, and they were living together and in love. It was a happy moment for him initially because he was under the impression the child was his. But he did notice that the child didn’t look like him:

“The celebration of having a son—from a man’s perspective, it’s massive. It wasn’t immediately obvious—well, it was, because he didn’t look like me. But it wasn’t immediately obvious what had gone down.”


Idris said he eventually decided to get a paternity test and that’s when the results proved he was not the child’s father. To this day, the actor says it’s one of the most embarrassing moments of his life:

“You know, the truth is—like, even admitting it, I’ll probably get laughed at for the rest of my life. But it is just tragic, and it happened. But I wasn’t knocked out. I stood right the f*** back up, and I ain’t aiming to take another punch in the face ever again. Do you understand what I’m saying? It happened to me. I moved on.”


Check out the cover below:

idris elba gq cover


  1. He has no reason to be embarrassed. He was in a relationship and trusted his woman to be faithful. Oh well. At least he found out before he paid child support for 18 years.

  2. When will these men learn and check the women they decide to they lay down with and have a relationship with *cough adrienne bosh*. I guarantee that woman was low down and trifling when he met her. Come on now Idris you too fine to be that stupid.

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