Bar Owner Denies Having an Affair with Apollo Nida

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks’ marriage was once again the target of gossip as photos of Apollo getting a little too close to another woman on Valentine’s Day began making rounds on social media. And of course many suspected the photos were proof that Apollo was cheating on Phaedra.

Apparently, Apollo was in South Carolina partying on Valentine’s Day night, but those in attendance claim he was flirty with other women all night.

Check out some photos via Bossip:

apollo nida cheating on phaedra parks

The bar owner even took some flirty pictures with Apollo and called him “fine as f*ck” on her Twitter account, but now she’s trying to clear up the gossip on her Facebook account.

Radar Online reports:

Michelle Edwards, the owner of Columbia, South Carolina’s Mobay Bar & Grill and owner of Palace II nightclub tweeted at Nida February 15, “had a great night chilling with u and bro at palace and moray!!!” But after his night out became public knowledge thanks to Radar, she quickly attempted to quash any rumors of impropriety.

“OMG I cannot believe that a mere visit to my club & bar turned into something so far from the truth!” she wrote on February 18. “I apologize to Apollo and his family for the total and unnecessary chaos! He merely took pics with me & my staff!”


  1. Now why did he put her leg on him like that? And why make this “appearance” on Valentine’s Day out of all days? A man should want to spend that day with his wife. I do think him and Phaedra will divorce after his trial.

    1. I think their marriage is over too. Phaedra just doesn’t want to have to testify against him so she’s waiting to file those papers.

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