Sundy Carter Calls Brandi Maxiell a Bully

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rumor has it Sundy Carter’s return for the upcoming season of BBWLA is unlikely and it’s all because of the comments she made about Brandi Maxiell’s fertility issues which were the result of Ovarian Cancer.

But Sundy says she feels like Brandi is the actual bully in the situation and she has tried to apologize for the hurtful comments to no avail.

On the reunion showdown, she tells The Jasmine Brand:

“I was actually in the middle of an apology and I guess again, she didn’t feel as though my apology wasn’t sincere enough and we got into a heated argument once again and it just kinda took me back to Paris, like ‘Here you go again’. It was unfortunate, but I just felt like Brandi was being a bully at that point. I felt like, not here, not today. I felt like we were kinda outnumbered, everybody that was there was Malaysia’s family, like the entire audience. Minus the little section that we had it was just Compton so that’s why everybody rushed the stage.”


  1. So then what was she when she made those sly comments about Draya’s son and Brandi’s infertility problems?

  2. But Sundy your man was the one who got in Brandi’s face and put his hands on her. You’re not some little innocent victim who was left alone at the reunion. Shut up and own your wrongdoings.

  3. I really don’t like this chick. She never owns up to any of the trashy things she says! It’s so weak to me! And why did she even apologize to Brandi because she said on Twitter that she didn’t feel what she said was out of line. Keep it real Sundy.

  4. Whoever idea it was to cast Sundy should be fired. She is a whore, a liar, you can add delusional to that list. She must have went to the Jackie Christie’s school of delusional thinking because she sounds just like Jackie not making any sense.

  5. She’s a pretty woman but she has a very ugly personality. She has excuses for everything nasty that she has said on the show. It’s hard for her to see anything wrong in what she does.

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