T.I. Gets Even with Tiny

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny went off on Instagram recently after she was blamed for her estranged husband T.I. getting into a physical confrontation with Floyd Mayweather. Turns out T.I. was upset that Tiny had been kicking it with the boxer and taking photos with him for the last couple of weeks, even though Floyd denied that he had any kind of romance going on with Tiny.

However, Floyd’s denial hasn’t done much to make things better between T.I. and Tiny. In fact, T.I. has been purposely posting multiple photos of himself with other women to Instagram ever since Tiny claimed she is tired of his antics:

ti instagram

ti instagram 2

ti instagram 3

ti instagram 4


  1. I think both of them really need to do better. If the marriage is over, let it be over. But trying to play all these games is just immature.

    1. Agreed. And nothing will be accomplished by playing these games except hurting each other and growing further apart.

  2. T.I. is so immature. I am actually tired of this entire situation because T.I. and Tiny’s kids are old enough to see and understand that the two are at odds and it’s public. Both of them need to either sit down and try to work it out or move on. Poor children smh.

  3. TI is so disappointing. He likes to pretend he’s some well put together husband and father on their show, but in real life he’s very messy and childish. All he had to do was be faithful and put is marriage and kids before these hoes. Why is he so determined not to?

  4. I guess he’s just giving Tiny a dose of her own medicine. Enough with the payback. Either they are going to work it out or they just need to divorce.

  5. He’s not a real man. If he was, he wouldn’t be doing all of this. He would have called his wife and told her they needed to talk and work out their issues. He would also stop dealing with those gold diggers and realize the terrible example he’s setting for his own kids with his actions. I see he never really learned how to be a man. This is what boys do.

  6. he is too childish.tiny doesnt deserve that.all he proves is that he can do her wrong time and time again but doesnt want to even fathom that if he cant stomach it happening it back to him maybe he should just do right by her or call it quits?

  7. He needs to log off Instagram and handle his marriage issues. I swear he acts like he’s in high school.

  8. I don’t understand him. Didn’t he decide he wanted to be with other women? So why put the time and effort into trolling Tiny? Move on and let her be.

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