K Michelle Has a New Boyfriend?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle may have had a very public falling out with Elle Varner over a track and failed romance with Meek Mill, but it appears the R&B singer isn’t going to let the past keep her from taking another shot at dating.

In fact, K Michelle got her own fans riled up when she hinted on Instagram that there may be a new man in her life.

Here’s the photo and caption that got everyone talking:

k michelle instagram


  1. What’s wrong with just being single for a little while and getting to know yourself? Just asking.

    1. Absolutely nothing and that’s whats wrong with some women like K they just jump from relationship to the next never realizing to take the time to work on yourself. They carry baggage from one relationship to the next never fully healing from the breakups and learning from their mistakes. Before they realize it they have been through 10 guys still wondering why they ain’t met the one. *blank stare*

    2. Well you know people don’t like to do that anymore. They need a reason to hop on Instagram and front.

    1. This! I think people should hold off on bragging about a relationship until they have been together for at least six months. LOL!

  2. First of all does she ever give her hot pocket a break sheesh. She is really full of it because if she was so into her “new man” why was she sweating Meek so hard than. Here she goes again claiming a man that probably just showed her and that deformed body a little bit of attention and will be gone before she blinks her eye.

  3. I think she falls too quickly. Knowing her track record it’s not even serious yet but she’s already smitten. Oh well.

  4. If her new boo is so special why is she still catching feelings over what Meek Mill is doing?

  5. I think she’d have better luck in relationships if she slowed it down and stayed away from athletes/rappers.

  6. Already? I think she needs a break from relationships. But hey, she’s grown. She’s going to do what she wants to do.

  7. Girl goodbye. I give it a month. And I say that because I know it’s just another athlete. She just refuses to understand most of them ain’t sh-t and will not be faithful. She needs to leave those damn athletes alone.

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