Lil Mo Has Drama in Detroit

Photo Credit: Tv One
Photo Credit: TV One

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“R&B Divas LA” star Lil Mo can’t seem to keep out of drama as of late. Just days after her boyfriend Dynamite was put on blast by another woman and accused of being into men, the reality star and singer has found new drama in Detroit.

The other day Lil Mo was scheduled to perform in the D and even though the promoter paid for her flights and hotel accommodations, she never made it out on the stage.

Now here’s where the reports start to get conflicting. Mo told her fans on Instagram she didn’t perform and the show was cancelled because the promoter didn’t pay her:

She says:

“Detroit, sorry I won’t be performing tonight. You see I was beat. But due to some financial technicalities, she won’t be hitting the stage tonight. “

Interestingly enough, others  on social media are claiming Mo allegedly didn’t perform and cancelled her own show because when she got to the venue, she felt not enough people came out to see her. Regardless, the promoter cancelled Mo’s return flight and she was forced to fork out her own cash to get home.


  1. She’ll keep doing this ish till folks refuse to fork over their coins to keep her in lace fronts. You can have all the talent in the world, but get too big for your britches and start cheating the fans, and you’ll be dun! Ask Kanye how his side of the world looking nowadays, Mo!

  2. Why the f-ck would anyone go to a Lil Mo concert anyway? What will she sing? The three Ja Rule features, Superwoman and then the concert is over.

    1. LOL. Yeah she doesn’t have an extensive body of work. That’s why she doesn’t need to shade people like Prince who have real careers and real catalogues of music.

  3. LMAOOO! She was arguing with the promoter on twitter too. He told her to pay for her own flight since she thought she was too good to perform.

  4. Oops. Before you come for legends you better make sure you can at least sell out a small club Mo.

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