Claudia Jordan Just Can’t Help Herself

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Claudia Jordan got her peach because she had enough courage to take on NeNe Leakes but she’s been getting backlash because of some things she said before her reality TV fame.

Weeks ago, video of Claudia making some insensitive jokes about dark-skinned people went viral, and days later another video of her comparing a black man to an ape during standup made her the target of criticism.

Claudia apologized and told fans of RHOA that she’s a changed person who shouldn’t be judged by things she said a few years ago, but then a bonus clip of RHOA in which she called Phaedra, NeNe and Porsha gorillas proved she hasn’t changed much.

Now one of our readers dug up some old tweets from late last year in which Claudia actually compared a Twitter critic (and her father) to an ape just because the critic told her she prefers former “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” personality Ebony Steele over Claudia:

claudia jordan twitterclaudia twitter 2claudia twitter 3 copy

Then Claudia compared the young woman to Biggie:

claudia twitter 4


  1. I think it’s obvious Kenya and Claudia have a lot of pent up anger with black women. So anytime a black woman says something they don’t like, their first reaction is to say what they really feel about us. Disgusting.

    1. This. This is how she feels about a lot of us. No need to sugarcoat it. But I can’t understand why she has stans who are black women. I can’t support someone who is so quick to call black women and men monkeys ovet such dumb ish.

    2. Yeah but that’s what makes this even more sad. They have black blood in their veins, and they still dog out black women like it’s nothing.

  2. Claudia is who she is. She only apologized and fake cried because she wanted to stop the backlash. She does not like black women and thinks most of us are primates. There’s a reason she was able to stab Omarosa in the back with no remorse. Black women are nothing but a way to keep her bills paid. She doesn’t like us outside of that. Oh and she will turn on Kenya by next season.

    1. Claudia is from that school that thinks she’s better than her dark-skinned sisters. That’s when she, Cynthia, and Kenya talk about empowering women, I roll my eyes. Those b-tches are incapable for feeling anything but jealousy for any woman. And yes, Kenya’s days are numbered where Claudia is concerned. It’ll be a pleasure to watch her stick that knife in and twist it!

  3. She’s a c–n. Period. I could never talk to another black woman like this. I don’t care what they say to me that I didn’t like.

    1. That’s what I’m tripping on too. It’s impossible to get along with every black woman, but when we’re disagreeing, I just can’t start talking like a white supremacist because we disagree. Claudia is sick.

  4. The crazy thing is if a white woman or man tweeted this stuff, we’d be marching and calling for her head. But because she’s on a black reality show and has some black blood in her, we are on Twitter laughing with her. We really can be hypocrites man.

  5. I also saw someone started a petition to get her off the show. I doubt Bravo will get rid of her though. I mean who else will tell Nene constantly that her wig looks like ramen noodles? I mean that was the read of the century. *sarcasm*

    1. Yes thank you I said the same thing about Claudia. She thinks she is a 10 but she is not. She is always trying to shade sistas for wearing fake hair but she is the first one to clip in a half-wig herself. Claudia is so full of hatred and jealousy towards bw it’s disturbing

  6. Claudia’s mother must have ingrained hatred in her for black people growing up cause this is learned behavior. Like sitting at the dinner table just talking about black people behavior. And Kenya look like a real house [email protected] co-signing this like she aint black.smh Some people just ignorant.

  7. When she gets mad, she talks just like those racist pigs on YouTube. I can’t believe people are stanning for her.

  8. So where are all the Team Pretty fans? They sure are quiet now that they see Team Pretty doesn’t even think much of black women. You have Kenya calling folks animals and ghetto beasts in interviews, and Claudia thinks anyone darker than her isn’t worthy. And Cynthia just sits back like a doofus and laughs at all their “beasts” and monkey jokes.

  9. I still don’t understand why she has Porsha’s peach. She hasn’t been entertaining or interesting outside of her lame read of NeNe. I think the producers should have left the cast the way it was last season.

  10. I actually tried to give Claudia a chance at the beginning, but she is such a phony and self hating loser. I hope she gets dragged and embarrassed at the reunion. Nene has a lot of ammunition she can use on her if she’s reading the blogs.

  11. Why is she on the show? I’m still trying to understand why they keep booking these single and watch career having b-tches for a show that was built on the premise of showcasing married women with legit careers.

  12. I personally think she probably was made fun of a lot as a child and adopted this tactic as a defense mechanism….Unfortunately she’s grown and hasnt grown out of it.
    Lets not act like people who played the dozens didn’t frequently use the “yo momma or you look like gorilla or biggie” joke. Its an issue today bc she has a lighter complexion.
    On a side note I’m tired of all those angry, gossiping, counterproductive females on rhoa.

    1. What a load of crap. I’m light skinned and think what Claudia says about dark skinned people isn’t ok. Sorry, if a white person tweeted any of this, you’d have an issue. Putting down black women and comparing black features to apes and monkeys isn’t ok no matter who does it. Do better and stop defending ignorance.

          1. Lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man people gotta be real and just let Claudia take this L. She can’t be defended on this one. She was wrong, period. Right now black folks are mad as hell that Spanish dude compared Michelle Obama to an ape, but we’re supposed to defend Claudia when this is like the tenth time she’s been busted for calling black men and women apes? The f-ck? Ain’t no reality show that important for me to be caping this here. Sorry. Fool me one once…Anyway, I’m just on Kenya’s team from now on. Claudia is on her own.

        1. Girl WHAT? Claudia has already been exposed. She called Omarosa’s mom a monkey faced b-tch. Take the cape off ma’am.

    2. I don’t think you’d be so understanding if Claudia was a white or black man tweeting this kind of stuff. LOL.

      1. No she wouldn’t. Heck a lot of black women are still mad at Kevin Hart for his terrible joke about dark skinned women. And believe it or not, some of us are still pissed at Wesley Snipes for what he said about black women in Jet Magazine over 20 years ago. Claudia needs to be held to the same standards.

    3. Girl what? Claudia isn’t even black. She’s biracial and has a white mother. That is why this is even more problematic. I ain’t giving her dumb a-s a pass.

  13. Claudia can call Michelle Obama a monkey and some people will still defend her because she went in on Nene one damn time. I hate how ignorant RHOA is making some black women. Kenya is the damn devil. She ruined the whole show and brought Claudia in to put the last nail in the coffin.

  14. Twirl, I’m in awe…. never thought I’ll see the day chile….EVER! You’re normally consistent, but sometimes even the nonbelievers become believers. there’s no defending this shyaat and I commend you for being your own leader.

    1. Boo I’ma keep it real with you. Me and a lot of Team Twirl have jump shipped from Team Claudia. Now I can get with people calling Team Fugly barnyard animals, but one thing I can’t ever get with is when black people are called apes, monkeys and all that primate sh-t. That is straight up out the racists playbook. Claudia is on her own now. I ain’t defending that sh-t and most Kenya stans have given up on Claudia. I just hope someone calls her out about it at the reunion. She needs to be dragged for this mess.

  15. Stupid people say stupid things. I don’t ever want to hear Kenya talking about how her, Claudia and Cynthia have beauty and brains. Nope. All 3 of them are airheads.

  16. Claudia is the FAKEST PERSON ON THE SHOW! She doesn’t like black people one bit. She just tolerates them cuz she aint white enough to be white. Even though NOONE would think she is MIXED w/o her BROADCASTING IT every chance she gets, she still feels the need to belittle black people cuz inside she hates her blackness. I hope she loses every MEDIA PLATFORM she has. No media outlet should allow this type of bigotry on the airwaves. That along with her loose reputation should be enough to drop her like a hot potato. Sign the petition to get her off the air, and tell Bravo we don’t stand for this mess. Black women make BRAVO millions of dollars, and our voices should count. RACISM will not be tolerated by anyone.

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