Watch: First Sneak Peek of Season 7 RHOA Reunion Released

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season seven of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is coming to an end, and fans of the hit reality show are awaiting another dramatic reunion.

With rumors suggesting some producers were fired because of behind the scene drama, everyone is expecting an eventful reunion.

Bravo has released the first look of the reunion for season seven:


In related news, a first look at Kandi and Todd’s spinoff show has been released as well. By the looks of it, the show will be centered around both families trying to make the blended family thing work while on a ski trip. Check it out below:


    1. She does. And it fits because she tries so hard to fit in and fails miserably. Her reads are so weak. All she can do is call people monkeys and talk about Nene’s wig.

    2. Agreed!!!! Always looking like she went to Forever 21! Porsha’s hair cost more than anything on Clawfoot’s body.

  1. “You ain’t gon disrespect me and my husband b-tch! This ain’t Phaedra!” Good Lord Nene was ready for Kenya. LOL.

  2. Everyone looks great. The all white thing was a great idea. I also hope everyone will squash their high school feuds. This season has been too draining to watch every week.

  3. Everybody looks good except Claudia and Cynthia. Claudia looks cheap like her whole outfit came from Marshalls (I actually love Marshalls but that’s not the point). Cynthia’s wig looks a mess like its about to walk right off of her head. Even Kenya with her cheap imitation of Beyonce’s dress looks good.

    1. And she didn’t even know who Hosea Williams was until Porsha said he is her grandfather. That’s when she decided to look him up on Google. I can’t stand her.

  4. Why did Kandi marry Todd? That little midget is up there talking about he needs to be chased by her sometimes. I can’t with these girly men. They want you to wine and dine them like they’re the prize. Smh.

    1. Kandi has low self esteem. So she’s just happy to have a man. Her last dude wasn’t anything to write home about either. Mama Joyce may be a nut but I’m starting to see she was spot on about Todd.

  5. Cynthia’s win a case read for Phaedra was so dry and corny. Not all attorneys have to litigate to make their money. Maybe if she wasn’t so busy trying to stay up Kenya’s a-s and her ugly wig wasn’t suffocating her brain she would have thought about that before saying it. Now her wig is the one that looks like it needs to be watered.

  6. Kenya looks flawless. She always puts everyone else to shame. Anyway I see Kenya and her crew shut it down. They came prepared with the reads this year.

    1. LOL. Y’all are impressed too easily. What read did they give in this clip? The only one in that group who said something worth while was Kandi when she called out Nene. And she isn’t in Kenya’s clique.

    2. Girl please lol you can’t be serious. What clip were you watching that dry a-s read Cynthia tried was wack. Kenya really didn’t say anything in the clip that would be considered a read. If anything she got read when Nene checked her about disrespecting her and her husband. Clawfoot can try to clown Porsha all she wants and try to insinuate she is stupid but at the end of the day she trying to be in the same position as Porsha a housewife, a radio personality, so how she clowning with her payless shoes and Walmart dress.

  7. Boo to Claudia’s outfit and reads. Times like this I really miss Sheree. If you’re going to go after Nene you have to do it right.

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