Claudia Jordan Says She’s Not Sweating NeNe & Thinks She’s Too Real for RHOA

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Claudia Jordan earned her peach from producers for aggressively going after NeNe Leakes, but may fans of the show took to social media after the latest episode to call her out because they feel she’s taken things too far.

Apparently Claudia was seen by most as the primary aggressor when she tried to once again confront NeNe about past issues at a charity event.

Regardless, Claudia tells fans of the show on Twitter that she’s actually over her issues with NeNe:

claudia jordan twitter

Claudia also expressed some frustrations with the show (read from bottom to top):

claudia twitter 3

claudia twitter 2


  1. All this dumb c-nt did was confirm she’s been using Nene for a storyline. Now that the season is over, she doesn’t give a sh-t about any of the things she’s been crying about the whole season. Someone please give this exhausting whore a pink slip please.

  2. How is she too real to be on the show when she was hired to create drama with Nene? That’s not authentic sweetheart. That makes you a fraud.

    1. And a puppet. She’s out here doing Carlos’ work because he’s too much of a coward to tell Nene how he really feels about her.

    1. She’s the same one who slept with a guy to get in a music video. Claudia needs to stop acting like her receipts ain’t out here.

  3. So she drags out the thing with Nene the whole season even after Nene apologized, but we’re the ones who need to move on?

  4. Now that Carlos King’s a-s been kicked to the curb, she wants to act all pouncy. B-tch, shut you self-hating a-s up and go sit down somewhere. Preferably where someone can fix those crusty-a-s feet.

  5. So she was real when she pretended to be Tiny’s friend to get on her show knowing damn well she had talked about her like a damn dog.

  6. Can anyone tell me what Claudia’s storyline was besides Nene? I just don’t understand why she got full-time housewife status.

  7. So she was mad when Nene called her a whore but she has no problems calling Porsha a THOT. This is why I wasn’t moved by her failed attempt at playing the victim.

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