Gabrielle Union Still Refuses to Acknowledge D Wade’s Break Baby

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Gabrielle Union claims in a new interview that she thinks it’s great her hubby Dwyane Wade already has children  because being a stepmother is a great experience, but it appears once again the actress is refusing to acknowledge the “break baby” he had before he proposed.

She tells PEOPLE:

“Marrying into a family of three boys and becoming a stepmother to three kids has just sort of been an extension to how I was raised. The more, the merrier! Everyone counts. Everyone has a space.”


As many of you already know, Dwyane Wade has custody of his two sons from his first marriage and his nephew.


  1. At some point, she will have to have a relationship with this child. I hope she understands that.

    1. No, she really doesn’t. She really thinks she can ignore that child forever. And it’s going to come back and slap her in the face.

    2. Not really. She is his wife but those ain’t her kids. She can have a relationship with whomever she chooses and D Wade agrees because he has no problem with her paying break baby dust.

      1. Girl what? Do you even know how marriage is supposed to work? Go read the traditional vows and holla back. I swear y’all will give Gabby all kinds of passes because she’s pretty as hell. She is and will always be a desperate old bird who took a bunch of sh-t from D Wade because he was the only person who wanted her former groupie a-s.

        1. Your marriage works the way you choose. Wade can still have relationship with his kid without Gab being a part of that relationship. The mom knew when she brought a baby into this world with a man already in a committed relationship, it was going to be a challenge. Things happen. If Gab and Wade decide to stick it out, then that’s them.

          1. I’m assuming you’re like Gabby and stayed with a man who had a baby on your a-s. It’s sad as hell what some of y’all will put up with just to have a man.

          2. No I did not put up with anything. I’m good. We’ve been together for over 25 years. We have 3 adult children. I prayed about it, we worked thru it. I could’ve left had every right but decided my marriage was worth the fight. It’s six years later, we made it thru the storm. Our relationship is better. Again if you’ve never had to wear these shoes you can’t say how yo would handle things.

          3. Girl I hate to break it to you but I WAS in your shoes and I got the hell on. You ain’t even over what your man did because you refuse to have anything to do with the child. Stop lying to yourself. Y’all didn’t work through anything. You just choose to act like it didn’t happen.

          4. Oh no it happen. I can never deny that. But I know I don’t want NOTHING abosolutly NOTHING to do with his daughter. My husband has never asked me to either. My kids have never asked either. To know me is to know. If your choice was to leave then good for you. But don’t be so quick to tell everyone they should leave. Or they are not strong for staying. I personally believe it’s easier to walk away. It takes more strength to stay. That was your choice to leave, you seem happy

          5. “I personally believe it’s easier to walk away. It takes more strength to stay.” —- That is such a load of bulls-t. It’s the same sh-t domestic violence victims say and well you see how most of them turn out if they do stay. It’s also the same rhetoric women who stay with cheaters say to cope with the fact that they didn’t leave. If you need to believe staying with a cheating man makes you stronger than me, go right ahead.

          6. I don’t want raise no more kids my kids are grown. I parented our kids the 2 oldest graduated college our youngest graduate high school this year, he off to Ohio State to play football. It’s not fair to me to have to raise another kid if it is not something I wanna do. Trust me I’m good. We are good.

          7. So let understand this…if a man cheats just leave? I’m so glad you are not GOD. Boy looka here NOBODY would make it in. Again if that’s your choice to leave than cool. Who am I? But my choice which is “my” choice was to stay. That doesn’t make me weak and you stronger. To know me is to know me. Trust and believe that! Im good my husband is good. The his daughter is good. Our kids are good. Why do woman have to be so hard on one another? It’s that serious!

          8. You really think you’re so Godly and exceptional for staying with a cheating man? A man who went out here and on purpose slept with another woman with no protection and got her pregnant? You think God is impressed that you put yourself in danger health wise just to keep him? So what will you do when bae slips up again and gives you a STD you can’t get rid of? There’s a lot of things you should work through with someone. But cheating comes with a lot of dangerous consequences. Getting someone pregnant is the least of it. But keep thinking you’re some symbol of Godliness for staying. Our churches got too many of yall brainwashed.

          9. We have all done crap we are not so proud of. But at the end of the day it’s what you are capable of dealing with. Again your decision is your decision. Doesn’t make you stronger or me weaker. We all have our on life to live. You live yours your way I will live my life my way. Respect others decision.

          10. I don’t have to respect your decision because you won’t even respect my opinion. And you keep typing up and so many variations that you’re somehow stronger than the next woman for staying with a cheater. You think it’s easier to leave, well I think it’s easier to stay. You know how many people stay with people just because they’re too afraid to move on and start a new life? It’s called comfort. You weren’t willing to give up your comfort. That ain’t strength.

          11. Thank you for your opinion. I wish you all the happiness you heart can take. I hope you live your life to the fullest, because that’s what I’m doing, enjoying my life and living it to the fullest. I’m chipping away at my Vision Board, going to hangout with my sisters in a few. Loving my husband a kids. I’m good. Have a great weekend.

  2. For her to be a grown woman she is petty beyond hell!! If you can’t accept that child then she doesn’t need to be with him.

    1. People deal with stuff differently. If his WIFE doesn’t want a relationship with his “outside” kid then that’s her choice. That doesn’t stop Wade from being the kids dad or Wade other kids from having a relationship with their sibling. People are something else telling folk how they are suppose to do.

      1. But what did that child do to you besides being born?? You are mad at the wrong person. You should be mad at your husband not that innocent child!! You claim you and your husband are passed it but you are not since you haven’t accepted that child!

      2. All of the kids are “outside” because they were all born before she married him. Don’t pick and choose one over the other. There aren’t any “inside” kids to that marriage, which is why Gabrielle is so bitter.

  3. I think she will get over it one day and be a good stepmother to all of his sons. She’s just still hurting from everything.

  4. I have never wish bad luck on anybody but I really hope this marriage blows up in her face. She is so arrogant and very mean spirited the child is innocent and the man who she is so happy to have is the one that caused her pain not the child.

    1. You wish bad luck because she doesn’t have a relationship with one of Wade’s kids. Unless you’ve worn those kind of shoes (I have) you won’t understand. This happen to me. I have NEVER seen my husban’s daughter she’s 5 now we almost share a birthday. I make sure to encourage our kids to have a relationship with their sister, I don’t want no parts of it.

      1. So you didn’t realize you could do better and stayed? My heart aches for you and all women who accept this kind of betrayal. It’s like you guys don’t believe you can do better and deserve better.

        1. Oh please don’t ach for me. I’m good. I know I could leave now if that was my choice. Your choice is to leave that’s cool. But my choice was to stay with my husband and work thru it. I’m much stronger then I thought I was.

      2. Why am I just now seeing this but anyways no I haven’t been in yours or Gabby’s shoes but one thing I do know is that it’s wrong not to accept a child who is innocent. If you were truly over it you could accept the child and move on by not even acknowledging the child is a clear sign you aren’t over your husband’s infidelity. I don’t know if you are trying to convince me, yourself or everybody else on this blog but you aren’t over it. Have you thought about if something happens to that child’s mother and the child has to come live with you and your husband you just going to ignore the child smh you sound very ridiculous. I have a friend who was in this same position she was with her boyfriend for years they had a child he ended having another child with another woman they separated went to counseling eventually got back together got married but she had to accept his child for them to move on. Do I agree with her taking him back absolutely not but I respect the fact that when she chose to take him back she took him back fully and that meant accepting his child. I hope you realize by not acknowledging and accepting that child you are no different than Gabrielle and you are setting yourself up for karma.

  5. It’s not the child she’s mad with, it’s the baby mama. She does these interviews and every single time she stresses she loves his THREE sons. She is trying to spite the child’s mother because she’s mad about her f-cking Wade while they were together. Don’t tell me y’all missed that.

  6. I mean I really wouldn’t mind this if they didn’t work so hard trying to portray a Brady bunch image.

    1. Right we don’t know the situation like that but if they didn’t try so hard to seem so perfect, people wouldn’t keep pointing this out.

  7. Man I just don’t know how long she can really keep this up. When that child gets old enough to talk, he’s not going to be ok with his step mother ignoring his existence and treating his brothers way better. She’s playing with fire. Kids have to grow up and they remember everything.

  8. So the child has to pay for his father’s sins and the father doesn’t. Sounds about right. Women stay punishing the wrong people and refuse to hold the man responsible.

    1. Won’t be the first time a child paid for the father and mother’s sin. Ask Abraham and Sarah’s maid. GOD told Abraham to put the son and his mother out in the desert .

  9. Gabby will never change. She will always be a major b-tch. She plays herself well too.

  10. I don’t blame Gab…I to have a baby born durning my relationship to my now husband. My husband and I have 3 kids together. I have never seen the lil girl. I make sure she gets her child support. Make sure to encourage our kids have a relationship with their sister. But I have NOTHING to do with the lil girl. I’m innocent too. I didn’t do anything wrong. My husband and the baby momma gotta figure out their kid. Unless you’ just don’t know.

    1. You really shouldn’t have married him. Why did you settle? And if you’re avoiding seeing the little girl, that means you haven’t forgiven him. So why did you marry him?

      1. Ummm let me see…we were already married. Married for over 20 years when this happen. I know I’m a great woman. I know I can have another man if that was my choice. I know I can leave. He knows I can leave. I just don’t want to raise anymore kids. I help my mom raise my siblings. I help my sisters with their kids. We raised 2 kids outside of our three. I just don’t want anything to with his daughter. It’s really just that simple. I can feel where Gabrielle is coming from. Nobody can make you be part of a kids life! Period point blank!

        1. Umm you typed this, which indicated you were not married when he had the outside child:

          “I to have a baby born durning my relationship to my now husband.”

          So again, why did you marry him?

          1. Yes during our relationship/marriage. Our kids are 27, 22, and 18. His daughter is 5.

        2. I’m just curious. If you know that you’re amazing and that you can have someone else that would respect you and their vows why stay? What keeps you there? I could see if he just cheated and forgave him. But he created a whole life. That has to be hard.

          You said you don’t see your step-daughter. So she does not come to your home to visit? No holidays or birthdays celebrated together?

          1. Hell naw I ain’t on that! That’s them they gotta figure itjay crap out. If something happens to my husband I have absoluty no legal anything for his daughter. It is what it is.. Her mom knew what she was doing bring a child in a complicated situation. My husband was dead wrong for raw doggin old girl but the lil girl is here now. They gotta figure it out without me. I’m innocent too!

  11. She needs to get over that because she’s being real childish. Whether she likes it or not that baby is here to stay so she needs to accept him as well. Her behavior suggests what many of us believe and that’s that this “break baby” wasn’t on a break as they would have people believe. Dwade will get to a point where he will want her to acknowledge all of his children and if she can’t that will surely cause a rift in their relationship.

  12. There’s a lot of Gabrielle Unions in the world sadly. These women decide to stay with these men and they take it out on the innocent babies.

    1. Because a lady decides to stay she is pitiful? Man GTFOH with that. The thing is everybody if going to f..up you gotta decided when you’ve had enough. These pitful lonely, opinionated, behind women who would rather be by myself, is something else. You’ll be the one that’s always a brides made. Always have the ALL the answer…by NO DAMN body!!!! No man can stay with you because you are to strong. GTFOH

      1. Man shut yo duck a-s up!!!!!!! You really think you’re the sh-t because you were dumb enough to marry your tramp a-s husband? N-gga willingly stuck his diseased a-s dick in some random’s p-ssy but you’re mad at us because YOU decided to stay and we’re calling your dumb a-s the spade you are? You ain’t sh-t. You’re an old a-s bird who thinks as long as you’re married, you’re good no matter what kind of trash a-s man you end up with. You ain’t on the level you think you’re on. You’re still desperate and in a few years you’ll either have a STD or he’ll get some other woman pregnant yet again. You fear being single more than you fear catching AIDS. Dumb a-s. Get your dumb a-s out of here.

  13. She decided to stay so she’s going to have to acknowledge the child eventually. So what, the son can’t attend family functions with his brothers because of Gabby’s bitterness? I’m not sure they made the right decision in getting married.

  14. Just saw this on the FB page and there’s a few women cosigning this foolishness. I had no idea there were so many weak minded black women out here. So y’all stay with the cheating bastard, but call yourselves having the right to ignore the damn child? What kind of bulls-t? So instead of being strong enough to leave and wait on God to give you a good man who won’t go out here and have babies with thots, you’d rather stick around with the trifling dude and pretend he didn’t impregnate someone else on your watch. A lot of us need to do better. Anyway, let me leave. I don’t want to sour my Friday with ignorance.

  15. Now y’all know good and well she will never be in the same room as this little boy if she can have her way. She would rather keep up their perfect image instead. She will keep living a lie while the whole world knows the truth.

  16. Why are woman so bitter, because of how other woman decide to work their relationship. Do you…find your happiness…find your love.

    1. I’m sure you’re old enough to know bitterness does not equate to having an opinion you don’t agree with. And a lot of the commentators who have voiced opinions you are bothered by on this thread are married and very happy, like myself. If you’re so happy with the choice that you made, why are you upset with contrary opinions?

      1. No get everyone is entitled to their opinions but why so mean? So hard? With so much passion, about someone else’s life. We don’t have to live each other’s life. Nor do we have to agree. We can have an opinion without being so mean.

        1. I really don’t think anyone was being mean. Now Troll and Ms. Jackson are always harsh with their words, but that’s just how they have always been. Everyone won’t express themselves the same way. And anyway, this is the internet. If you’re expecting everyone to be nice and positive all the time, and see things the way you see them, it’s not the place for you. I think your real issue is you went through what Gabby did, so you’re taking these comments to heart.

    2. You’re calling us bitter when you refuse to even meet your husband’s daughter? Talk about the pot meeting the kettle.

      1. No I don’t dislike the lil girl. I just don’t want NOTHING to do with any more kids. It’s not fair to me to have to take on another kid after raising and parenting my own. I have NEVER stopped my husband or my kids from having a relationship with the lil girl. I just don’t want one. I’m not bitter. I’ve talked to her mom on several occasion. But I’m good on kids.

    3. I’m bitter about this in particular because I know the lasting effect this will have on that child. You’ve replied so much on this thread with your personal experience and I understand that you feel you were innocent in everything as well. Unlike your husband’s daughter, you had the choice to stay or leave. Children born into this world have no say in the matter. And as this child grows up and learns that part of their family does not accept them, it’s going to have a NEGATIVE impact – One that they won’t be able to control or be proud of on blogs. You’re saying that you and your husband are good but I’d honestly beg to differ. Having a relationship with his daughter does not mean you’d have to raise her. She’s his family which makes her yours as well. The fact that you want nothing to do with her tells me that she’s a reminder you’re hoping to forget… Please know that this in my own opinion and there’s no need for you to defend yourself, because as you’ve said, it was your decision. I’m simply making an observation.

      1. Thank you for your opinion. I am not taking on no more kids. She has her mom, she has her dad, her grandparents, she has her aunts and uncles, her sister and brothers, she does not need me. I’m a mute point. I’m good with that. I hope with all of this support system she has a successful beautiful life.

        1. I honestly understand what you mean. My father impregnated a 19 year old girl (that I never liked) when I was 24 after lying about having a vasectomy. I have never met my brother. Ever. My sister cut ties with my dad & his family while I’ve just never made any effort to integrate our families. I don’t hate or even dislike my brother (I’m not even opposed to meeting him one day), but I’m not changing my life due to my father’s messy actions. It’s easy to look in & share opinions from the outside, but in reality he has 2 parents that love & care for him, that’s really what matters. I don’t justify or even argue regarding my choices about this either, people feel how they want regardless. I know that’s not the same, but I can understand where you’re coming from.

          1. My father has another child we didn’t know about for years, and we found out about him when my dad passed. Do you realize how much that messes up a person, I mean feeling like you’re not fully accepted by all your family members? Or realizing you’re a dirty secret? It hurt like hell to find out the truth but we came around (my mother too) because it’s not my brother’s fault my dad did what he did. My brother is so bruised emotionally from everything too but I love him so much now. I urge you and your siblings to step up and do what’s right. God doesn’t give you a pass to do wrong to innocent people because you’re hurt. And I say that as someone who lived this. You and this A Wife person have to do what’s right. You reap what you sow and these outside children grow up feeling very rejected. You can’t reject people because you have reached the number of siblings you want to acknowledge or kids you want to care about. Yall don’t want to let these innocent kids in because it messes up your comfort? Do you know how selfish that sounds? Do what’s right. I did and so did my siblings and mother.

      2. Thank you for speaking the truth. I found out about my brother when my father passed and it hurt all of us to the core. But he was more hurt than any of us because being a secret makes him feel so rejected. My mother and all of my siblings decided the Godly thing to do was love him because God won’t give us a pass to ignore him. He didn’t ask to be born. I love him so much now but he needs a lot of therapy. People have no idea how all of this actually affects the outside children. It’s pure ignorance to think the wife is the most hurt in these situations. No, the child suffers the most.

  17. I’ve, never commented on blogs before, I find it exhilarating to see so many strong opinions about someone else’s life. I’m done now. My sisters are wating for me at other Friday night get together. Can’t wait to share to see where this takes use tonight. Have a great weekend everybody

  18. Wade publicly humiliated her. No amount of pretending will erase that. As the son gets older and wants to spend more time with his father and brothers, it’ll become impossible for her to ignore the situation. I don’t think that marriage will last.

    1. If it doesn’t last that’s then. Why do people give these jump off babies and their momma’s such leave way. That lady knew what she was doing bring a baby into a complicated situation. Nobody had to know, but her and God. If it would’ve been a no name crack head dads nobody would’ve known, her butt would’ve went straight to the clinic. No she’s gonna make DWade nasty behind be a dad to her kid. She already has 2 kids no husband then throw in another baby daddy who is in another relationship into the mix. Now Gabby is the bad person??? Gabby is desperate? GTFOH with that crap!!!

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