Christina Milian Has More Drama with Lil Wayne?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Christina Milian is currently dating Lil Wayne, but the romance hasn’t been without its fair share of drama. Not only does Christina have to deal with Weezy’s old flames coming at her on social media and in interviews, but the rapper allegedly hasn’t quite cut off his interest in new prospects.

Crazy Days and Nights writes:

Apparently her A list rapper boyfriend (well she thinks of him as her boyfriend) was entertaining a few women and didn’t want to be disturbed. Our B lister was banging on the hotel room door and trying to break it down. The rapper’s security people tried to calm her down but eventually gave up and just called hotel security who threatened to call the police if she did not leave.


  1. Didn’t she get with him while he was with Dhea? So why is she mad now? He showed her already he ain’t trying to be with one woman. And he’s not faithful. I can’t stand when women get mad at a man for cheating when they cheated WITH them in the beginning. Girl bye.

  2. Hilarious. I remember Jas Prince’s people said he never cheated on Christina and she just up and left him after she started recording music with Lil Wayne. She thought Lil Wayne was an upgrade but you don’t leave a man who loves your daughter as his own to join a harem. She makes the dumbest decisions.

  3. LMAO she is mad pathetic…….like she really played herself with this 1. How u getting mad when you decided to be the side chick…….play your position or leave….that simple. He is not gonna be with just 1 her…..he wasn’t even with Lauren London and she’s an upgrade from Christina…so like duh..she thought her Spanish cooch was hahahhahahahahahaha

  4. Wayment. Since when did Christina become B list? Ok. She’s done a few movies & has a hit or two but B list is a reach. No shade.

  5. she still won’t leave him alone. She will continue to pursue that so called “relationship” because it is the only thing that attaches her to relevancy. Let’s be honest, why else is this woman on the blogs if it’s not for Wayne? And she still had the nerve to talk about a wedding as of recently. Geez. SMH

  6. All Lil Wayne can give any of these birds is a hard d-ck and a headache. They should know by now what to expect from the gremlin. His track record ain’t no secret.

  7. She is dumb as hell what kinda of example is she showing her daughter?? Is it to BE a side piece who thinks she is THE ONLY FEMALE IN HIS LIFE?? If you know he is fawking other woman then you need to play your part get what u can and leave. Not stay on social media embarrassing yourself for a dude that don’t give a fawk about you.

  8. Christina left Dre for the dream. Then she left jas for wayne. Notice she only ever dates producers and people who can further her career, but it always backfires on her. People like her less and less because she doesn’t seem capable of not thinking she can make power moves with her brain instead of her v-gina. She has it backwards it would seem.

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