James Harden Cheating on Khloe Kardashian Already?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

James Harden and Khloe Kardashian are reportedly dating, but the Houston Rockets star has been called out on social media plenty because settling down isn’t something he’s quite ready to do.

Unfortunately for Khloe, even her status as a reality star may not be enough to make James stop entertaining other women.

Radar Online writes:

A blonde Australian beauty claims she slept with Khloe Kardashian‘s new beau James Harden AFTER the stars began dating.

Rochelle Relf told Australian magazine New Idea that that her hook-up with the 25-year-old NBA All-Star took place in June at The Star, a casino in Sydney.

“Khloe was with James in Hawaii, then he flew to Australia and spent the night with me,” the 23-year-old Relf told the magazine. “He was charming, affectionate — he asked me to visit him in America and told me that he was a single guy.”

Things heated up when the two headed into the club at the hotel Marquee, where Relf said that Harden was “all over” her, as they were “openly kissing and holding hands.

“At one point, the security guard left forward and told us to stop touching but James didn’t listen to him.”

…“I’m saying all of this because she shouldn’t be wasting time on this guy,” she said. “He was happy to be entertaining girls in his hotel room and if he was my man, I would be chucking his clothes out on the street.”


  1. So we were supposed to assume Khloe would be the person to get him to change? That’s laughable.

      1. I can see you’re one of those black Kardashian defenders. Sorry, but I’m not interested in conversing with black people who feel the need to defend white hoes who don’t give a damn about us and use us for financial gain. They mock our culture and yall still like to get on these damn BLACK blogs and argue with us for telling it like it is about your white goddesses. It’s telling that most white people have enough sense to see them for what they are…TRASH. Too bad a lot of black people can’t. Anyway, I won’t be going back and forth with you either. Stan to your heart’s desires. Goodbye.

          1. No black people go so hard on the Kardadhians, yet allow Mona Scott to make a fool out us.

          2. Jessica girl shut the f-ck up. You got clocked and we smelled Kardashian p-ssy on your breath with your first reply. Take your L and get the f-ck on. Don’t try to be deep when you already displayed how slow as f-ck you are.

        1. But she and people like her are in the minority. Most of us aren’t fooled by these people. And I thought it was common knowledge that all of them date for career advancement and longevity. We wouldn’t even be talking about Khloe now if she wasn’t dating anyone.

        2. Thank you Nessa. I’m over the black Kardashian stans. They are an embarrassment to black people period.

        3. Girl I’ve even seen some of the black Kardashian fans say we as black women should be thankful and proud that the Kardashian bite our style. Talking bout it’s a compliment. Idiots all of them.

        4. I didn’t know asking a question made me Kardashian defender. It’s sad that you allow a family that you don’t even like get your panties in bunch.

          1. She has her panties in a bunch and you have Kardashian p-ssy on your breath. Get the f-ck on.

          2. And one more thing Kardashian a-s licker. The difference between Mona Scott and all her puppets is we don’t put any of those b-tches on pedestals. We’re all clear that they are nothing more than entertainment and we all agree that they are trash. Mona isn’t out here getting prestigious awards and magazine covers now is she? Black women don’t get rewarded for offering the world trash. We have to excel to get praise! It’s called white privilege idiot. Research it. Study it. Stop supporting it. See how you have higher standards for Mona’s black a-s than Khloe’s white lard a-s? That’s what we’re talking about.

            Damn what the f-ck are some of these black parents teaching their offspring? These kids are growing up to be idiotic Kardashian defending sellouts! I’m disgusted.

          3. Umm but you got your panties in a bunch about a commentator on this blog writing something you didn’t like about someone you don’t even know. Stop being an annoying hypocrite. Fact of the matter is you are the one in your feelings about a family YOU don’t even know. You’re no better than Nessa. Y’all are one in the same. Learn how to read comments from people who aren’t drinking the Kardashian kool aid or stick to the Kardashian fan sites. I’m sure Kylie is posing on IG right now with all her clown makeup on and purchased lips. Go run to IG so you can like and write comments about how beautiful she is after her surgical procedures like most of your ilk.

      2. This is a real question? I didn’t know people were still buying Khloe’s good girl act in 2015 That Kris Jenner is a genius. Lol!!

      3. Khloe does NOT need your defending dear. Her family literally has all the media power in the world to the point that they had Instagram block negative comments about Caitlyn on Instagram and they even had big media people come for Amandla for calling out Kylie. That family is slowly taking away our freedom of speech and you feel the need to police our comments on this blog? Stop it right now. I bet you also didn’t see an issue when Khloe made that disgusting KKK joke a few months back. My people need to wake up. The Kardashians are not oppressed.

      4. Oh stop the madness. A lot of y’all were calling Superhead everything but a child of God, but Kim and her sisters are classy and shouldn’t be called hoes? LOL. I can’t.

        1. Yep! Superhead was called a dumb hoe for turning her vixen past into a best selling book, but Kim was called a smart business woman for selling her s-x tape. Crazy ain’t it?

    1. Sh-t Khloe should understand since she’s from a family of hoes. Her mom is the OG of THOTs and passed it down to all of her daughters. F-cking and progressing from multiple d-cks for decades is what they do best.

  2. He has always been a thot. That’s why he won’t ever get a ring. He’s too busy tricking.

  3. I don’t think it matters TBH. Khloe is with him for attention and he’s just in it to get as much kitty as he can before he moves on to the next. Both of them aren’t to be taken seriously.

  4. Well duh he’s a thot like he is really going to stay faithful to Khloe or any woman for that matter. But I’m focusing on Kd looking so good in that purple lol.

    1. I doubt it. James Harden will never settle down. I think it’s because his face has always been blah and his bad teeth don’t help but now that he’s famous and rich, he feels a need to make up for a childhood of girls curving him.

  5. Doesn’t matter. It’s just another PR relationship for Khloe. Hopefully he won’t end up on crack like Lamar did. I’m starting to think all these Kardahsian women are witches. Men end up in terrible shape once it’s over like they placed roots on them.

  6. I still don’t understand how people feel compelled to defend Khloe and her fam. Weird.

    1. They’re idiots. I don’t recall Khloe protesting with us about police brutality…do you?

  7. I don’t know why blogs still post things about this family…I lost faith in the world just simply ignoring them, so I’m literally waiting for each of them to become old in age and for the world to move on to something more important. I understand this may take a couple years but I’m waiting patiently. Who knows maybe the next-next generation will have enough sense to ignore this dang clan.

  8. F-ck Khloe. I think it’s messed up how she keeps f-cking any and everyone Trina and Amber have dated just because they had the balls to call her family out. She’s the most passive aggressive c-nt I’ve ever seen. She’s actually worse than Kim.

  9. I can’t with these dumb a-s Kardashian stans. I’ll slap you dumb a-sses in real life. Stanning for mediocrity and have the nerve to get offended when people call you out for standing on a soapbox for basic white b-tches who don’t give a f-ck about your simple a-ses.

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