Bow Wow Slams Erica Mena

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica Mena and Bow Wow shocked folks when they confirmed they were engaged to be married a year ago just a couple of months into their relationship, but now the couple may be on icy terms.

The other day Erica Mena took to her Instagram account to confirm she suffered a miscarriage recently, and although many were sympathetic about the loss, her own fiance Bow Wow is not too happy she shared the information five months later.

He actually thinks she’s just fishing for attention:

As a result of the drama, some seem to suspect Erica and Bow Wow are no longer together.


  1. Man if this isn’t karma for Erica I don’t know what is. She thought it was so cute and funny when Bow Wow was on Facebook dragging his baby mama that she even joined in. And now he’s dragging her. Ha!

    1. All of this. I feel no sympathy for her because of how she sat there and rooted him on when he was dragging Joie. Bow Wow does this to every woman he gets with. HIs mother should be so proud. LOL.

  2. I believe women should have the right to grieve however they want to and whenever they want to, but I wouldn’t put this past Erica either. She’s already shown she’s a messed up human being. She’s not above using a miscarriage to get attention and sympathy.

  3. So he’s mad she put their personal business on social media and he makes a video to do the same? They deserve each other.

  4. Ok they must have broken up. I hope Erica is ready because this is just a taste of what’s to come. Bow Wow drags all of his exes and doesn’t care how they feel about it. She thought she would be special too.

  5. Well what the hell did he expect from a LHH bird who is known for attention whoring so save the drama and he ain’t no better by blasting her. Erica shouldn’t be surprised though look how he disrespects the mother of his child. I bet Erica thought it was so funny when she was disrespecting Joie along with Bow Wow now he dragging her karma!

  6. Lol!! The crazy thing is some of Erica’s own people were calling her out and accusing her of attention seeking before he said anything.

  7. Ok there’s no way they can still be together at this point. I said when they got engaged they would not get married and I see I was right. Rich and Moniece won’t either.

  8. Now I can’t stand Erica but this is still wrong to me. Even if he feels what she did was for attention, he needs to have some kind of respect for the situation and not tell her when it’s ok to grieve.

  9. Damn what happened between them? It must have been something bad if he ain’t afraid to call her out like this. Man this is why people nowadays need to take their time getting to know someone. This ain’t like how it was back in the day. Social media has changed people for the worse too. Don’t even get me started on that.

  10. Whomp…..I was just saying last nite in the Rich and Mo post that Erica pretty much is in the risk of being exposed if they ever break up bcuz he had no filter talking about some of the things Ang and Ciara did for him in the bedroom…..and they are DECENT chicks…..smh oh well. Damn she got no more reality show job, no more Rich to run to, Bow Wow pretended to wife it up and now ur tossed the waste side….what is she gonna do now??? ??????

  11. Make no mistake this is some karma for Erica but Bow Wow’s time is coming too. He’s done this way too many times to his exes and it’s lame as hell. I can’t stand men who act like bishes.

  12. *blank stare* You don’t like her putting personal business on social media but you are doing that in the video and do it on Facebook every damn day. Boy bye.

  13. This ended badly. I’m sure this won’t be the last time he puts her on blast either. She better buckle up her seatbelt and get ready. LMFAO.

  14. Someone called her Mrs. Shad Moss today and she said no it’s “Mena”! I’d say it’s pretty official that they’re done!

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