BBWLA Cancelled? VH1 Gives an Update

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

BBWLA had decent ratings in its current season, and the network was even able to get Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal to make appearances.

However, Draya has decided not to return after this season, and rumor has it she didn’t even show up to the reunion show.

And with Draya out of the picture, many are speculating that she show won’t be able to survive and cancellation is in the near future.

So does VH1 agree? Click next to see what the network plans to do with the reality show. 

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  1. No I won’t be watching. It’s dry and has been for a good minute now. I’m sorry but Mona came and killed off everyone else. The only thing I watch besides all the L&HH is Black Ink. Mona changed the game.

    1. Mona may end up burning out too because how many spinoffs does one really need? It gets to be too much eventually and people get bored.

  2. I didn’t think they would cancel it either but I think they will revamp it and add new people. It’s about time too.

    1. Her shows have ran thror course. Hang it up lady. It’s all the same crazy shenanigans. I stopped watching it about 2yrs ago. And so should everyone else. Garbage tv is what Mona does best.

  3. Well it’s a business at the end of the day and all VH1 really has right now is reality shows. They lost one and can’t really afford to lose the other.

  4. For the most part, the season has been bland. It was cool at first but now it’s like watching paint dry. I don’t want to say it’s because Draya is gone but something is definitely missing.

  5. How are they still on?? I don’t even watch……and haven’t in a long time…..but from hearing and reading about it. It sounds lame. Only 2 bishes on there is married. Need to call it “Boring, Lies and Drama”

  6. One pony don’t stop no show… Or so I’ve heard. Drama has never been a fan of mine anyway. Malaysia and Brandi get together like the Mean Girls, Jackie a-s cray… I mean the show has gotten a bit boring but I’m sure if they bring on new talent That will probably give the show some life.
    Tami seems to only to have come to start ish. Since she been there all I’ve seen her do is run and tell what she heard. So I guess she is doing what she is paid for.

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