Hazel-E Explains Why She’s Still Talking About Yung Berg

On social media last night, folks started taking Hazel to task because she’s still talking about Yung Berg.

So when some of her own followers questioned her about still rehashing on what happened last season, Hazel’s defense is producers asked her to keep talking about Yung Berg.

And according to Hazel, she was willing to go along with the requests because her only priority was getting her paycheck.

She wants people to understand the reality show is only for entertainment purposes.

She tweets (read from top to bottom):

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    1. Yeah but he looks dumber. He messed up his own career by bashing dark skinned women and when he finally got a job with Mona, he ruined that by putting his hands on a woman. Hazel has done some dumb things, but Berg is much dumber.

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