Margeaux Fired from LHHATL

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nikko London and his estranged wife Margeaux Simms targeted Mimi Faust something serious for a storyline last season, but it appears it may not have been enough to keep Margeaux off the chopping block for the upcoming season.

Last season Margeaux decided she wanted to end things with Nikko and she revealed she had a new girlfriend in her life she wanted to focus on.

Well according to new reports, Mona Scott Young and the rest of the producers weren’t interested.

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  1. Whomp!!!! she became wack after the first couple of episodes……like come on who cares??? they need to get rid of that dry a$$ Stevie wanna-be, Rasheeda. Kirk, ummmm Bambi, Mama Dee, Ericka, Can’t close his mouth dude….ummmmmm the Pink hair bish…….like do a revamp!!!!

  2. This ain’t nothing but karma. Her and Nikko thought they were going to jump on Mimi for a check and now one of them got fired. They need to fire Nikko too though. What purpose does he serve now?

  3. Bye nobody will miss her and she can take Nikko a-s with her. Matter of fact they really need to recast the whole show everybody story has run its course. With all the people in ATL they should be able to recast very easily everybody and they mama from ATL or have lived in ATL.

  4. I hope more of them are fired. The show has been stale because Mona is too afraid to fire people she knows ain’t carrying their weight.

  5. Margeaux and her strong a-s jaw brought nothing to the table but boredom. Now if only Nikko had followed her out the door!

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