Rita Ora Blames Rihanna for Her Lackluster Career?

According to The Sun, Rita Ora has allegedly been telling folks that Rihanna gets first dibs on music and she feels like Rihanna may be intentionally blocking her success.

The Sun writes:

The Poison singer reportedly found out the Bajan-born star had been offered all the hit tracks before she was, even though she’s still yet to make a follow-up to her 2012 debut. This was said to be the final straw for the star who is now suing the rapper’s Roc Nation label, which also has the likes of her ex Calvin Harris on their roster.

“Rihanna has never liked Rita and has been using her power at Roc Nation accordingly. This is the main reason the label’s execs have been uninterested in putting effort into promoting Rita,” a source told The Sun. “Songs that might be submitted to her are automatically given to Rihanna, who may then hold them for months before deciding she doesn’t want them. The fact that Rita’s ex Calvin Harris is on their management books hasn’t helped either. The source also said the label didn’t stop the millionaire DJ when he reportedly banned her from using songs he had produced for her album following their break up.


We’re labeling this as gossip for now.

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  1. That b-tch wishes she was relevant enough for Rih to try to sabotage. She ain’t blow up because she’s an attention whoring bootleg Rihanna. Why love a copy when you can just support the original?

  2. She can’t be serious. Not everyone who gets a record deal is meant to become a superstar. Had Rita worked on her craft instead of hanging with Rob Kardashian and trying to be seen all the time, maybe things would have turned out differently.

  3. It ain’t nobody’s fault but Rita’s. She was too busy trying to be famous and now everyone just sees her as a socialite.

  4. She really can’t be that stupid. No one told her to be the “poor man’s Rihanna”, or go fk for tracks instead of grinding at her craft like Rih. The fact that her ex wouldn’t even let her use his tracks speaks volumes. Rita needs to go be irrelevant without dragging Rihanna into her mess.

  5. Lazy people don’t get far in the business. She should grind harder or just get paid to promote waist trainers on Instagram like all the other wannabes.

  6. Better grease them edges because they coming for you. She is the only one to blame, should’ve been working harder instead of trying to be seen by the paps. Rhi’s grind is 500% times hers.

  7. Rita Ora will never be a star because she wanted to be the white version of Rih. Whenever a new artist positions themselves as the next so and so, it makes it that much harder for them to make it. Be yourself!

  8. Rihanna didn’t do anything. Rita didn’t make it because she doesn’t have the it factor. You can have talent, hell you can even work hard. But if you don’t know how to get people’s attention without dating a Kardashian, don’t expect to be a big star one day. It’s just not going to happen.

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