Evelyn Lozada Reaches out to Jennifer Williams Amid Mother’s Passing

Sadly, the holidays haven’t been too good for Jennifer Williams this time around.

The former ‘Basketball Wives” star confirmed on Instagram that her mother passed away from cancer and she’s feeling like a lot of her friends haven’t been supportive during her time of grief.

She writes:

As we enter 2016, I am purging people in my life that serve no purpose. These past few days have been the most trying of my life and people I thought were friends have been disappointments. I cherish the people who have supported me thru this difficult time and you will forever be dear to me. Witnessing my mother’s death has taught me about true love and has forever changed me. Not letting anyone or anything stop me from having my mother smiling down on me! #Day1Of2016

Although Jennifer’s friendship with Evelyn is no more, that didn’t stop Evelyn from reaching out.

Read tweets from top to bottom:

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  1. Evelyn is still on cloud nine from trapping a baseball player. Of course she reached out. Life is good for her right now.

  2. Whew!!! I’m pleased to see that she was simply responding to a question as opposed to reaching out to Jen via twitter. That’s what’s up.

  3. Awwwh Jen , my prayers are with you . Honestly , the first time Ev reached out , I was like please cliff dive . Because she went entirely too far and wronged Jen so badly , that I agreed with Jen’s response..However; they both seem to have grown , and with Chad out the pic , they may have a chance to atleast be cordial . I could never be besties with someone who aired me out and wronged me to that degree , cordial maybe . That was mature and kind of Ev though .

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