Claudia Jordan Wants You to Know…

Last night on “The Next 15” reunion, Claudia Jordan accused her foe Jennifer Williams of sleeping with Benzino.

Although Jennifer Williams denied messing around with Benzino, Althea later took to Twitter to tell followers that Benzino allegedly told her he slept with Jennifer during an argument.

Then Althea took things a step further and accused Claudia of sleeping with Benzino as well.

Claudia then took to Twitter to deny doing anything with Benzino and that’s when she told a follower that she believes people like to gossip about what she does in the bedroom and her feet because they have nothing else:

claudia jordan twitter

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  1. I don’t think she slept with Benzino because there’s nothing he could do for her. Claudia only gives her c–ch up to men who can help her career.

    1. Thank you. I wish this bird would shut her delusional a-s up. She stay talking that pompous sh-t on Twitter like she ain’t out here hopping from reality show to reality show to pay her damn bills.

  2. I really wish this chick would get over herself. People have been exposing her even before she was on RHOA. And it’s not because she’s some bonafide success. Some people just suck.

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