RHOA Updates: Details Released on Potential New Housewife

According to Reality Tea, there’s a new housewife in the mix and she happens to know Phaedra Parks. Apparently the new housewife was invited to Porsha’s birthday party.

Reality Tea writes:

Porsha’s celebration began at Dish Nation, continued to a club over the weekend, and last night featured a dinner with friends – undoubtedly filmed for Real Housewives Of Atlanta, because not only was Porsha joined by Bravolebrity friends Phaedra Parks and Quad Webb-Lunceford, but also by rumored new Housewife Maryam Aytac.

Before we get to the photos of Porsha’s birthday bashes – let’s get to the dirt about Maryam. First of all, it seems she knows Phaedra from a UG affiliation, and is an active member of the business community.

Filming for RHOA began in early June, but Maryam has been out and about with Porsha and Phaedra for months now. Everyone is returning next season except for Kim Fields (who left, reportedly after not agreeing to some of the contract terms), and since many of the women dislike Porsha, it’s only natural that Bravo would incorporate someone from her clique into cast.

The good news is that Maryam is FROM ATLANTA! So unlike Claudia or Kenya, she did not specifically relocate to revive her failing career. Bravo put the kibosh on that shenanigan before last season, but has been having difficulty attracting prominent ATL socialites to the show due to all the trashy antics. (#Krayonce). This season Bravo has been testing 3 women as potential new Housewives, but Maryam seems to be the stand-out.

Maryam is reportedly outspoken, well-connected, family-oriented, and has money! She and her husband have two teenagers, two goats, and own a successful local chain of restaurants called Cafe Istanbul. She’s also Persian, but don’t expect Shahs of Sunset bling or kaftans!

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    1. It didn’t start out as an all black show. Kim started with the 1st season and she’s white. I just think it sort of ended up being all black after Kim left.

  1. I think Bravo needs to stop bringing in all these random people to test film. Just find people who are already connected to the cast and focus on natural chemistry.

  2. Now Bravo want to get Atlanta people smh they should have been doing that from the jump instead of getting these hasbeens trying to restart their careers.I have very little faith in Bravo they are so lazy with their talent selection and they never consider chemistry.

  3. So they are hiring another person who won’t last longer than a season? They really just need to give Sheree a peach and call it a day.

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