David Banner Calls out the Media for Publicizing Disagreement with Lyfe Jennings

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

David Banner and Lyfe Jennings made headlines this morning because video of them intensely disagreeing over the solution to police brutality became a hot topic on social media.

But David Banner is not pleased.

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  1. I understand he’s militant and all but telling black people to start arming ourselves and going at the cops isn’t a smart or longterm solution. As I’ve stated on here earlier, the answer is organizing like the Jews have done. Economic power is the only way we can make things change.

    1. I completely agree with you. Sadly we have celebrities like Chrisette Michelle telling us not to boycott. ?

    2. I agree, the Jews have they stuff on lock. They buy within and keep it within. They stick together, and w/e issues they have within they handle it themselves. They study the law, they have their own lawyers, their own police….they don’t even trust White folks which is why their communities is within the Black community (at least that’s how it is in NY)

      1. Bingo. But the fake enlightened people like David swear arming ourselves against cops will solve everything.

    3. I have literally seen Jews discuss this and they said exactly what you typed. They said marching is not going to get the job done.

    4. I’m disappointed in him for even going there. That was terrible advice to give our young black people.

      1. I dont think he was even thinking about young kids when he was attempting to make his point. Guns is the last thing young black men need since soo many of them are using them on each other. I have never been a fan of Lyfe but he gets a thumbs up for realizing David Banner is a fool

    5. I’d like to add that if we as in all minorities, the gays (LGBT), Muslims…etc. united and fought back together, we would really see some changes to legislation be made. But no, we’re too busy fighting with each other.

  2. I usually agree with David but I don’t here. So we stop violence with more violence? That has never worked.

      1. Right. But for some reason, disagreeing with using violence makes David and his supporters angry. The most sensible solution was the first comment posted on here to be honest. Why? Because we know that solution worked for the Jews.

    1. Yeah because everything else has worked. It’s more irresponsible to disagree with a man without offering solutions. So the sad part is all you can Do is disagree. That’s easy, what’s the solution though?

  3. I hate this became a big story but this is why David Banner has to be a little more polished. Don’t give the media the ammunition to change the topic at a time like this.

  4. What the hell is wrong with David? Cops already killing us left and right with no weapons on us and being no threat. Imagine if we were armed it would 10 times worst than it already is. So counterproductive David is becoming too radicalized smh.

  5. This is why I was quiet as a church mouse when people were hyping David Banner up to be the next leader for Civil Rights. He’s too much of a hothead to get anything of substance done. He’s just another naive and delusional hotep.

  6. Ok we’ve had two black men from what I remember put their lives on the line to kill cops. And what good did that do? It hasn’t stopped police brutality and it won’t. I agree that we should move like the Jews did and start using our dollars for the advancement of our people.

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