Nick Cannon’s Dad Calls out Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon may be happy for his estranged wife Mariah Carey considering she was able to find love after their split, but his dad had some words for Mimi during a recent interview.

Apparently Nick’s father, James Cannon, discussed Mariah’s engagement to James Packer on the “Howard Stern Show,” and he just feels like there’s a double standard no one is talking about.

The Daily Mail writes:

During the interview on The Howard Stern Show, he said one of the most ‘f**ked up’ parts of the split is that spending time with his children is now labeled ‘visitation’, which he doesn’t feel is fair to him or other fathers in similar situations.

‘It’s kind of f**ked up when time with your kids is considered visitations,’ he said. ‘It’s unfair to the fathers in the situation. I’m just keeping it real…That’s pain, right there.’

This is wrong in James’ eyes, who was talking from his home in Temecula, California, and claims that Nick wanted to get outside marriage guidance before calling it quits.

He said: ‘If Nick would have moved on quickly like that, so soon after the marriage, everyone in the country would have been questioning things.

‘A woman can come out of divorce immediately, people tell her to get someone else to get over it, but to a man that’s not the advice I would have given to my son. You got to have counseling.

‘I’ve been watching just like everyone else, someone (Mariah) is already dating before the divorce is even final. It’s different for Mariah because she’s a woman.

‘If a man was ready to hook up with this billion-dollar lady – if Nick was ready to hook up with Oprah – then people would say: “What’s really going on before?”‘

Accusing Mariah of having affair behind his son’s back, he added: ‘If my mom already decided she wanted to get married to another man next week after my pop just passed, I would question, did you really just meet this person? How long was this relationship really going on? Did you sabotage your relationship?’

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  1. Man why the f-ck is his dad getting interviews any damn way? Nick has had like 5 girlfriends since his marriage ended. They are just salty as f-ck Mariah locked up a damn billionaire.

  2. C’mon now, it’s only a problem because she did it first. How many women has Nick been linked with since they broke up? The only difference is that he hit it & quit it while Mariah stayed with one. I abhor b-tch a-s, whiny men.

  3. Nick and his daddy can seethe. Nick had no problem running around with all these women when they broke up. Not everyone wants to be a serial dater after a divorce. Mariah clearly prefers more stability.

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