Erica Mena Explains Why She’s Not Here for Amber Rose’s Movement

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Erica Mena opens up about the term hoe and slut, and she just doesn’t think it can ever be turned into positive terms for women.

She says:

“To me, a hoe is someone who doesn’t value themselves. That just sells themselves short and you can have whatever it is that they want to offer at that time at a drop of a dime…whenever, however.

“That’s a hoe. Someone who doesn’t value themselves and is just quick to be with anybody and everybody.

“And a lot of the women who get that label, aren’t that.”


When asked her thoughts on Amber’s movement to make slut and hoe positive terms for women, Erica says:

“I mean that’s not something I would embrace. If anything, I’d ignore it because it’s a belittling thing. I’m not going to walk around and be like, ‘yes, I’m a hoe.’ I can’t fathom myself accepting that label. And I feel like that’s what people want. They want us to believe that we’re that. And why would you take on that label? My mother didn’t name me that. So I’ma call myself that? No.

“I mean I get it. I totally get it. But you’re not seeing any men walking around…like there are men that are hoe bags. And you don’t see them accepting that word so I don’t feel like we should either. I get the point that’s trying to be proven but you’re kind of contradicting yourself if you ask me. “

Check out the interview below. The slut/hoe talks starts at the 1:40 mark:

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  1. Wow. This is actually the first time I’ve agreed with something that came out of Erica’s mouth. She made some very excellent points. I’m all for women embracing s-xuality, but there’s no power in referring to ourselves as hoes and sluts. You can stick it on as many t-shirts and hats as you want, it’s still not a good look.

  2. Amber doesn’t believe the bullsh-t she talks either. It’s just a schtick to keep her on the blogs and now it’s gotten her a talk show. I don’t think anyone is watching that sh-t, but it’s still a check so a win for her.

  3. It’s like hell just froze over. But I agree with her 100%. Amber’s entire movement seems like one big, ignorant gimmick.

  4. Honestly, this is what a lot of people have said about the slut walk. They agree with the purpose but how can you want equality for women when you’re telling them to embrace misogyny? That’s going to be a red flag to some.

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