Erica Mena Talks About the Problem with ‘Love and Hip Hop’

In an interview with VLAD TV, Erica explains why she thinks the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise is problematic.

She says:

“All they care about is what’s going to make a good scene. And they put you in this situation knowing already what’s going to make you tick, what’s your weak points, you know what I mean?

“You start to feel like you’re going to work and your nine to five is a complete war zone. And that feeling…everyday for five years created this person that just wasn’t balanced.

“What matters most? Your sanity or the money…that was good but not good enough where you’re going to take my livelihood and twist it around. And put me in these situations that bring out the complete worst in me.”

Erica also says that she doesn’t think producers think about the individuals filming anymore and all they care about is what will make good television.

She also claims she was invited to join the Hollywood cast.

Check out the video below. She talks about LHH at the 2:40 mark.

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  1. I mean it’s not like she’s lying. I may make jokes about Mimi quitting but oh I understand it. It has to be draining to make your living fighting and cussing people out on TV. At some point I think they all start to see the checks aren’t big enough.

  2. I’m glad she said this. A lot of people look at reality stars with rose colored glasses on and they think it’s so glamorous and easy. But a lot of these people are miserable and even on drugs just to cope with what they do to pay the bills. Especially if they are the appointed villain. It’s sad.

    1. What else does she have to talk about? She probably felt the show would crumble once she left and when she saw she was replaceble she set her sights on bashing

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