Meek Mill Still in Disbelief About Dating Nicki Minaj

Meek Mill dreamed he would end up with Nicki Minaj but sometimes it’s hard to believe their relationship is now a reality.

Hip Hop DX writes:

His relationship with the Queens superstar was among a handful of topics discussed during a newly-released, Meek-centric episode of “Noisey Raps.” While some may have been taken aback when it was revealed that the two rappers were dating, Meek says such a relationship was always meant to be.

“I can’t be from the hood and just have a total opposite girlfriend,” Meek Mill said. “She don’t know nothing about where I come from. She don’t understand me. So, it’s somebody that’ll understand me. Somebody that hustle. Somebody that’s aggressive. These are things I like…That was somebody I seen that I admired at the time…I [get] to wake up in my bed and just look at Nicki like, ‘Man, this sh*t has gotta be a dream cause we used to dream all this sh*t and it’s just going on right now.”’

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    1. Because she can wear the pants in the relationship. Meek is nothing more than a Safaree with an actual rap career. I think she likes being the breadwinner in her relationships.

  1. I love, love…especially black love. But I’m sorry. He’s always sounding like a star struck groupie to me. It’s weird.

  2. I can’t believe they are still together. The way Meek has been taking L’s I just thought Nicki would be out of there eventually.

  3. You can’t be a power couple when your man is just a stan/hanger on. Meek’s rap career was cancelled by Drake.

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