Former Child Star Orlando Brown Says Prince Deserved to Die

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Orlando Brown had no sympathy for Prince and seems to believe the late legend was in cahoots with the devil.

When asked about Prince, Orlando says:

“Man, Prince had it coming. The devil came and collected, period.

“I’m telling you straight facts. He knew what he was doing when he was pacing. Yeah, he was pacing outside where was it, Walmart or Target? You gotta look at that sh*t. That n*gga know.”

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  1. He sounds like every other nutty conspiracy theorist out here who spends all day on YouTube “educating” themselves with poorly edited conspiracy videos.

  2. Prince was actually the opposite. It amazes me how all anyone has to do now is put something in a meme or in a YouTube video, and fools will believe it. People like Orlando are actually more demonic than the people they keep obsessing over.

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