Tami Roman Gives a Warning

In a recent blog post for Paper Magazine, Tami explains why she just isn’t a supporter of couples agreeing to a “minaj.”

She writes:

I haven’t really figured out why women indulge in thr**somes. I feel like they represent the prerequisite for a bachelor’s degree in the “F*ck Up Your Relationship” course of life. Why exactly would a woman invite another woman into her bedroom who could potentially outshine her and spoil her man — it just baffles me. Who the f*ck needs that kind of pressure? Not to mention b*tches don’t respect the thr**some code. You damn right — there is a thr**some code, and a lot of b*tches try to TAKE your place instead of enhancing it. You better get into it and let this sh*t marinate. I’m dropping pearls!

First off, to make your thr**some experience pleasurable, you have to be into b*tches…slightly. That’s where it gets f*cked up for me. I’m not into women and that’s the inevitable outcome. Eventually she is going to try and kiss you, feel your a*s and want to suck your t*tties. I haven’t had a b*tch on my t*tty since my daughters Lyric and Jazz, and I wasn’t into it then. A thr**some for me is watching them f*ck and waiting my turn.

…Bottom line, I strongly advise against thr**somes. They’re too much pressure, and they’re usually too close for comfort. Although If I were to get involved in a thr**some — in another lifetime — I would have to get a b*tch who’s far away and doesn’t have a computer or a cell phone. The kind of b*tch you have to send up 50 homing pigeons and pray one of them braves the elements to be able to deliver that b*tch your note. I would make sure that after we are all said and done, my man would NEVER see that b*tch again.

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  1. “You better get into it and let this sh*t marinate. I’m dropping pearls!” No you’re not.This is common sense for most people. People really blew her head up about those bonnet videos. Now she’s about to be out here giving life and relationship advice. Ugh.

    1. I can’t get into any advice from a 60 year old woman, still chasing women around trying to fight them!! She cannot give any advice on any topic!!!

  2. And some people are not into dating men half their age but Tami is doing it and it’s working for her. Different strokes for different folks. What may work for one couple may not work for another.

  3. I like Tami and her Bonnet Chronicles they are hilarious and truthful. Anyway, she is dropping pearls and gems on some…who don’t know better, who lack common sense and self esteem/self respect…that follow

  4. Lmaooo the ending about the homing pigeons made me holler. Anyways, whatever floats your boat. Every relationship is different, some people are into thr–somes and some aren’t. Either way its up to you two.

  5. I agree with her. I leave the devil no room. Relationships are hard enough without inviting someone in. I dont like to share

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