Jennifer Holliday Calls out Black Twitter + Praises the Gay Community

Apparently Jennifer Holliday feels some kind of way about some of the tweets she received regarding her decision to perform at the Inauguration.

In fact, she claims the tweets she received from black people were vicious, while the gay community stuck to the issues and remained respectful.

She tells MSNBC:

“They were calling me c**n, calling me house n***er, calling me Aunt Jemima, calling me all kinds of names and asking me to kill myself…and that was from the black community.

“All the tweets that I read from the African American community were directed directly at me. The tweets from the gay community took the issues and did not call me names. Also they have been a faithful community since Dreamgirls to me, and fed me even when the church people didn’t feed me.”

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  1. Black celebs seem to be the only ones when it comes to POC that’s willing to sell out for that orange bastard. Where is the self pride? Embarrassing.

  2. It’s amazing to me how she can’t understand what she did wrong. George W. may have been a terrible president but he wasn’t an open racist who got elected on that premise. So that is why people are upset with her. At some point money can’t mean more than your morals.

  3. So its ok to bully people who dont share the same point of view? Its sad that people couldnt express their concerns to her in a more mature way.
    She has a point. We have to do better. I have been seeing disgusting behavior by all groups and all parties including us..smh

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