Amid Backlash for Son’s Anti Black Women Comments, Rickey Smiley Gets Caught Up

Photo Credit: TV One

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rickey Smiley is currently under fire because his son made some very insensitive remarks about black women on their reality show.

However, the comedian and radio personality may be making the situation worse with his tweets.

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  1. What an idiot. Of course the producers didn’t make him say anything. He said exactly how he feels and that is why they deserve all the backlash they are getting. I am so tired of black men getting a little success and then turning around and spitting in the faces of black women. And then they raise their sons to do the same.

  2. Crazy thing is my sons go to private school and it’s predominantly black. There are schools that are just as good or even better that are Afrocentric. I think this is a cop out. Good doesn’t always mean white.

  3. Nope, nope and nope. Him and his son deserve to be dragged. You don’t get on a black network and degrade black women and get away with it.

  4. Something tells me Rickey was cool with everything up until the backlash started rolling in. He thought this would be controversial and bring in ratings and didn’t expect black women to shut it down. I know some of us are weak and excusing this but the majority of us have had enough of self hating black men and their self hating sons. We are not their punching bags. Don’t like us? Fine. But keep our names off your ashy lips!

  5. F-ck both of em. Had they not have gotten dragged, they wouldn’t have said sh-t and damn sure wouldn’t have apologized. And I guarantee you Rickey feels the same way as his son behind closed doors. He ain’t get that sh-t from a white school. He got that from his c–n a-s daddy.

  6. Some celebrities are dumb as a box of rocks. If Rickey was really smart, he would have had that scene tossed out. But he didn’t because he didn’t think it would be a problem and that’s a big issue for me.

    1. Agreed. And to think, I was thinking about adding that channel to my Direct TV package. I won’t be adding it now.

  7. I think Black women need to just stop supporting him then……let White women or whatever other race of women support him…..if they even know who he is. I don’t listen to his morning show or watch his tv show…..cause I just find him corny in my opinion… so no sweat off my back with this.

    1. Agreed. We have got to stop caping for these black men that don’t mind hanging us out to dry. And i love TVOne but i also agree with them not airing it. People doing stuff for checks and ratings and they still losing.

  8. I honestly think this is just projection. I think Malik doesn’t think he’s attractive so he’s trying to make it a black woman issue since he hates his own features. And I don’t doubt that Rickey has his same beliefs. He’s displayed contempt for black women throughout his career.

  9. Rickey- NO problem. You,TVOne, can get the coins from white folks to continue to educate your offsprings and afford them a certain lifestyle.Smells of black privilege. It stinks and smells as bad as white privilege. TVOne, The Hughs, this means you too. Grow off black dollars and then offer shows which denigrate black women as a group. This is the part if capitalism I love. 2017 ENOUGH! Smileys.BYE! TVone. BYE! You may not devalue me and profit off me. You both are a luxury…NOT a necessity.

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