Young Lady Who Went on Blind Date with Rickey Smiley’s Anti Black Women Son Speaks Out

For the last several days, Rickey Smiley and his son Malik have been getting dragged.

And it’s all because Rickey’s son Malik revealed he’s not attracted to black women on their reality show.

In the end, Rickey decided to have his son’s back and told a Twitter follower that Malik has a right to feel how he wants.

But neither Rickey nor Malik are the victims of this controversy.

The young black woman who had the unfortunate luck of going on a blind date with Malik only for him to tell his cousin and the cameras that her face was a problem is speaking out on social media.

And she made it clear that she’s proud of the skin she’s in:

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  1. These self hating black men and their self hating sons are poisonous to the black community. I wish we should ship them off to some island far, far away from those of us who actually love blackness.

  2. Oh the grammar & lack of punctuation!! I’m glad she’s speaking out though, no one deserves to be ridiculed on a public forum like that!

  3. Not feeling the blonde hair on her but I could tell from the show that she’s gorgeous. I’m glad she’s paying that little demon dust. We can’t allow black males like him to make us hate ourselves. Then we would be no better than them. Love yourselves ladies.

  4. I had to reread her caption a few times but I think I understand what she was trying to say. She basically had no idea he said what he said until the episode aired but she’s not going to let it upset her. Good for her.

  5. @fameolesent is always out here making up stories and trying to make headlines. I’m glad she spoke out and put the bs to rest.

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