Future Engaged to Baby Mama Brittni?

Apparently word on the street is Brittni and Future may be possibly engaged.

According to sources, she’s been spotted rocking a ring all around Atlanta and some claim she’s been telling folks that she’s planning to tie the knot with the rapper.

She Gossipz writes:

Apparently Future’s ? BM ‘The Stripper’ finally con’d her way into getting a ring from him. According to my #BadTourage boo, Brittni had been seen around Atlanta wearing a wedding band (yes, on the correct finger LOL) and posting snapchats about how she’s “Wifey”. Another source said she overheard Brittni’s conversation at a trendy Atlanta spot on how her and Future are planning on going out of town soon to make it “Official”. Lol Then here comes the snaphat photo “Son In-Law” ?. I say, good for her, he might as well marry her to keep the Feds off his back while dealing with his fake charities. He could put everything in her name and no one would suspect a thing. Of course she wouldn’t do that without a ring first, smart move girl cheers! ?. He’ll still cheat though, we’re almost 100% sure that she will accept it. #YouHeardItHereFirst

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  1. This girl is so desperate it’s sad. He’s not going to marry her. He just entertains her when he’s in between IG thots.

  2. This girl really is a fool. She just refuses to see that she’s nothing more than someone he can run back to and sleep with when the other women don’t work out. I’m just so glad Ciara finally woke up and moved on with her life. Future is not marriage material. He is a womanizer and that is never going to change.

  3. This chick has been holding on for dear life. But he probably just gave her a ring to shut her up. I don’t see him ever getting married to be honest.

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