Married to Medicine Reunion Recap: Lisa Vs. Everybody + Heavenly Vs. Mariah

Lisa is not pregnant.

Lisa confirms that she is not pregnant but she suffered a blood clot after the season wrapped up. The blood clot confirms that if she did get pregnant, it would be very high-risk.

Lisa Nicole Cloud vs. just about everyone else.

Dr. Heavenly was the first one to put her issues on the table with Lisa, and the majority of it stems from Lisa’s marriage to her wanting another baby.

“She wanted to have a baby so her husband could pay her some attention. So her husband would love her again and support her. “ – Dr. Heavenly

After Lisa denies that this is the case, the majority of the cast disagrees and reminds Lisa that she has said this before. Producers then show flashback scenes of Lisa telling the ladies that when she’s pregnant, she’s closer to Darren.

Dr. Heavenly accuses Lisa of taking her issues with her husband out on the rest of the group and Darren is who Lisa should be lashing out at.

This is when Andy asks Lisa if she has low self-esteem, and Lisa claims she has very high self-esteem.

“Then why do you allow your husband to do the things that he does to you?” – Dr. Heavenly to Lisa

Toya then steps into the conversation and questions why Lisa continues to stay in a marriage with so many issues.

“He says he was only faithful 5 years out of 9.” – Toya

When Lisa tells Toya she should mind her business, Toya’s rebuttal is that they are friends, so she has every right to care.

“You’re not my friend.” – Lisa to Toya

At this point, Toya says that Lisa’s only friend on the show is Mariah.

Andy tries to step in and question if the ladies think it’s possible that they are ganging up on Lisa and attacking her.

“She’s doing the attacking! She’s like a little pit bull!” – Toya

That’s when Mariah stepped in and took her first few jabs at Heavenly.

“You’re sitting next to the pit bull, honey.” – Mariah

Dr. Simone explains that she doesn’t think anyone is attacking Lisa and they are all entitled to their opinions about her marriage.

“As friends Lisa, we’re all going to offer an opinion and it’s not an attack.” – Dr. Simone

Simone questions Lisa’s marriage because she feels like Daren barely came around the group this season. But Andy brings up a good point that it’s possible he’s not around the group as much anymore because they keep calling him gay.

Lisa thinks there’s a double standard because when her husband misses events due to work, people question their marriage. But when the other husbands miss events due to work, no one says anything.

Toya defends her drama surrounding unpaid taxes.

Toya and Eugene are paying off their taxes, but Toya is annoyed that the other ladies have so much to say. She reminds everyone that she and Eugene aren’t the only ones who have had a huge tax bill.

“Some of us on the cast have had tax issues. I just chose to share mine.” – Toya

Andy then brings up Lisa’s previous tweet about the situation. The tweet reads:

Toya doesn’t have a rich people problem but instead a broke mentality problem.

Andy then brings up the fact that Lisa and Daren have also been hit with a hefty tax bill well over $100k in a previous season.

Mariah vs. Heavenly.

Believe it or not, Mariah and Heavenly got into it because they had the same earrings and shoes on. After Mariah took off her earrings and shoes out of disgust, the verbal jabs just started flying.

Highlights include,

“You look like a bullfrog and you always smelled like one. You are the messiest b*tch on this stage.” – Mariah to Heavenly

And this one too,

“You’re the only person here who’s under 40 and looks over 50.” – Heavenly to Mariah

Lisa still thinks Heavenly has a drinking problem.

Although Lisa apologized for accusing Heavenly of being an alcoholic on a previous episode, at the reunion, she makes it clear that she still thinks Heavenly has a drinking problem.

Lisa thinks proof of such is the fact that Heavenly gets so upset and concerned when someone brings up her drinking.

“You get concerned and defensive when someone brings up your husband’s s*xuality. That doesn’t make it true.” – Heavenly to Lisa


What are your thoughts on part one of the reunion?

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  1. Now I’m no fan of Lisa but why is that it’s only her marriage people seem to care about so much? Dr. Jackie’s marriage is on the rocks but I don’t see the other ladies taking that much interest in it or telling her what she needs to do every second except Dr. Simone. So they can stop with this “we’re only sharing our opinions because we care and we’re your friends” crap. No, they are fake worried about Lisa’s marriage because they are messy!

  2. It does kind of seem like they are ganging up on Lisa. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got fired after the season. Especially after they already did the same thing to Mariah.

  3. Lisa can’t keep pretending her marriage is ok. It’s not. And it was really messed up how Darren kept telling everyone except her that he didn’t want another child. You know your marriage is trash if you can’t even be honest about not wanting any more kids.

  4. It’s amazing to me how many passes they give Heavenly. I think she’s the biggest bish on the cast. Yet they just laugh it off but she’s much worse than Lisa.

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