RHOA Recap: Porsha Checks Cynthia + Kandi Blows Up

Kandi and Porsha fill everyone in on their last meeting which was a disaster.

Kandi has Kenya, Cynthia, Shamea and Sheree meet her at her house so she can update them about her previous conversation with Porsha. Meanwhile, Porsha is at her sister Lauren’s house to discuss what went down with Kandi.

Kandi tells the girls that Porsha kissed her in the club and told her she wanted to go down on her.

Porsha tells Lauren that it’s possible she did hit on Kandi at the club because she was really drunk.

“I don’t know. Blame it on the Henny.” – Porsha

Kandi goes on to tell the girls that Porsha also said she has a s*x dungeon and accused her of having a relationship with another woman for seven years. She says neither accusation is true.

Meanwhile at Lauren’s house, Porsha tells her that she heard Todd cheats on Kandi and uses the alias Marvin so he won’t get caught.

Things get even more scandalous when Kandi tells the other ladies that Porsha told her that someone told her Kandi and Todd planned on drugging her and taking her to their house.

Shamea then goes on to say that Kandi has never tried to drug her and Lauren points out that now the accusations are getting a little bit too serious.

“Y’all when I tell you…I’ve never seen anybody lie like that in my life.” – Kandi

Todd and Kandi want to plan a group trip to Hawaii.

Kandi stops by OLG to meet with Todd, and she’s pleased to see that their restaurant has come such a long way. Since both of them are so stressed out, he suggests they go to Hawaii and have a short vacation. Kandi suggests them bringing the girls, and Todd agrees only if Peter and the rest of the men can come.

Kandi wants to invite Phaedra, but she’s concerned Phaedra will just turn around and invite Porsha. Neither one of them wants Porsha to show up.

Cynthia, Kandi and Phaedra meet and Kandi invites them on the trip. She lets them know the men are also invited. Phaedra admits being on trip with Todd and Peter would be awkward for her since she’s not on good terms with her. She asks Kandi if she can invite Porsha and Kandi tells her Porsha can come even though they are currently at odds.

The trip goes left after Porsha shows up.

At dinner, things are awkward as no one is really talking and the tension is thick. So Sheree brings up Kandi and Porsha’s issues, and suggests they talk everything out.

Kandi brings up Porsha suggesting someone told her she wanted to drug her and take her back to the s*x dungeon.  Kandi then tells the group Porsha told her that she wanted to go down on her.

Porsha says she probably did hit on Kandi because she was tipsy.

Kenya then passes out copies of the text message conversation she had with Porsha days after they went clubbing.

In the text messages, Porsha jokingly tells Kandi she won’t rape her on camera.

Kandi feels the texts are proof that Porsha was actually the aggressor.

Cynthia tells Porsha to chill out with the accusations if she ’s not going to provide receipts.

“Let me say something about receipts. Your receipt is your divorce decree.” – Porsha to Cynthia

The divorce decree comments silenced Cynthia pretty quickly.

Kandi calls Porsha a fraud and tells Todd she feels sorry that he’s dating her.

“I feel sorry for you. You’re with a fraud.” – Porsha to Kandi

Porsha’s comment about Todd led to Kandi blowing up and emotionally telling the group it’s taking everything in her to not choke Porsha.

Kandi feels the drugging accusations can hurt her brand and ruin her businesses but Porsha feels her actions are justified since she believes Kandi has been lying on her too.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I was through when Porsha got Cynthia’s wishy washy self all the way together. Cynthia couldn’t even think of a response because she just was not expecting it. Goes to show you while Kandi was doing all that talking about not taking anyone’s mess this season, Porsha was actually living it. Not crying and only getting buck when she has people to hold her back.

    1. LOL. Kandi needs an audience for sure. When it’s just her and Porsha, she likes to get up and walk away.

    1. Cynthia needs to learn how to stay out of stuff that has nothing to do with her. She’s just mad Porsha was right about Peter. LOL.

  2. So umm, anyone else notice that Kandi didn’t go crazy on Porsha the first time the drugging thing came up? It’s like she waited to make a big deal out of it until everyone was together. She literally laughed it off the first time Porsha said it to her but now it’s such an issue? Something really isn’t adding up.

    1. Oh people are noticing it. The only people really riding for Kandi are Kenya’s stans. They still can’t get over that reunion dragging. LOL.

  3. Kandi is the real fraud. Why assemble all the women to tell her side if she was really as unbothered as she pretended at the restaurant with Porsha? And why bring Shamea into it saying that Porsha said she had also been drugged by Kandi when that never happened? Kandi did all these interviews and has been dragging the other women into her fight, but the fact remains that if what Porsha said had been so damaging there would’ve been a lawsuit by now. Kandi is full of sh-t.

  4. I am honestly over this whole storyline. Kandi is doing the most and it’s like the only thing being talked about now.

  5. Kandi has been on here all season telling everybody business. 1st with Phaedra and now with Porsha. She had the opportunity to talk to Porsha at the restaurant and act stupid crazy there. She needed a scene. So she conjur up this high school stuff and invite people over and talk about the conversation she had with Porsha. Why was Shamea there? Kandi wants to bring the conflict between Porsha and Shamea. They want to see Porsha whoop they a-s so they can take her peach.

  6. Porsha is a FAKE AZZ THOT that can’t admit to the world that she is BI….SHES A BLACK TRUMP ALL LIES!!!!! TEAM KANDI

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