The Family Hustle Recap: Tiny Reunites With Xscape + TI Threatens to ‘Shut It Down’

Kandi spills the tea.

Kandi Burruss stops by Tiny’s house to talk about the Xscape reunion announced recently. Tiny says it’s almost been twenty years since they broke up. She explains how the group reconciled and got back together. Big Tigger on V103 had the group reunite on his radio show. During the show LaTocha Scott apologized to Kandi and confirmed that the accusations she made about her in the past were false.

Tiny says touring is where the money is and she hopes they can get the ball rolling.

“I feel like the possibilities are endless.” -Tiny

When Kandi mentions the last time the group tried to reunite, TI got on the road and snatched her off the tour bus, Tiny promises it won’t happen again.

“Tip ain’t in the picture no more.” -Tiny

Domani lets TI know his grades aren’t good.

TI learns that his son isn’t passing all of his classes.

“It seems like you ain’t taking this s*** seriously.” – TI to Domani

He tells Domani if he doesn’t get the grades up, he will have his dreads cut off. Domani recurrently agrees. The next day, he checks on his son and he isn’t studying. So he takes his computer away, not giving it back until the grades come up.

TI makes some threats.

Tiny comes over with their youngest baby to probe his mind about the reunion. TI expresses concerns about the group not having a manager.

He doesn’t seem too supportive of the group. However, Tiny isn’t phased about it and in her green screen monologue, she reiterates that she was a R&B star before TI.

“When we first met, I was out there with the group.” – Tiny

Things took a turn for the worst when she will take Heiress on the road with Xscape.

“You don’t want no trouble outta me, I’ll shut the thing down.” Tiny did not seem to like how TI was appearing to be ultra-controlling of her professional life and reiterated that the baby will be on tour. Tiny does allude to TI not being smart by being so controlling on camera considering they are in the middle of a divorce and she’s requesting spousal support.

“You telling on yourself… did you mean to say that?” -Tiny

After the argument, she spends time with the kids. She feels she can be an independent, career woman and still be a great mother.

Domani chats with his math tutor Yvette.

Domani is taking TI’s threats seriously and hires Yvette to tutor him in math.

TI watches over the tutoring and scares Domani with scissors.

“It’s good to see Domani take initiative but I am lurking, waiting…”

Meanwhile, Tiny has a meeting with the other band members.

This was the first meeting all the group members had in twenty years. They reminisce over past memories being on tour with Salt-N-Peppa and Tupac. They didn’t iron out all of the details but they seemed really happy to be in the same room again getting along. LaTocha Scott didn’t make the meeting but Tiny FaceTimed her and they all chatted.

Tiny meets with her pastor.

She is talking to him to get his thoughts on her reuniting with Xscape and how TI is reacting. Her pastor tells her that she is important to her children. She feels things are coming full circle as her relationship with TI is ending, her relationship with Xscape is reviving. She mentioned that she got with TI at a time when she and her band mates were going their separate ways.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I feel like a lot of tea was confirmed last night. He’s clearly very controlling and made Tiny give up her career to be with him.

  2. He’s a spiteful and controlling cheater. I don’t know how Tiny dealt with him for so long and I don’t see what women still see in him today.

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