LHHATL Recap: Momma Dee and Shirleen Come for Kirk + Scrappy Eyes Miami

Stevie is hoping he can remain peaceful with Joseline.

He comes home with new gifts for Bonnie Bella, and his older daughters question if this means that he’s going to get back together with Joseline.

Stevie says he doesn’t know what the future holds, and he’s just focused on being there for his new daughter. Savannah says that Joseline owes her and her siblings an apology for some words that were exchanged during Stevie and Joseline’s latest fallout.

Tammy prepares to go on a date with Waka, while Bambi comes over to vent about Scrappy.

Tammy is a little resistant start spending time with Waka again because she thinks going will give Waka the impression that he no longer needs to take the separation seriously.

“I can’t even say that I’m surprised how things ended for Scrappy and I. Our relationship was rocky from the jump.” – Bambi

Bambi feels like it’s best that she cools off with Scrappy because she feels he’s too immature and selfish for things to work right now.

Yung Joc confronts Tresure.

Joc is upset that Tresure went back and told Sina about him and Tommie, but she doesn’t regret her actions because she’s close to Sina and can’t stand Tommie.

Since Joc’s personal life is now a disaster thanks to Tresure stirring the pot, Joc fires her from the internship.

Joc comes clean about Tommie.

Gunplay, Scrappy, Stevie and Joc all catch up in the studio.

Stevie confirms that he has no plans on getting back together with Joseline.

Joc has figured out that Tommie is only kicking it with him to get even with Karlie.

Scrappy is coming to terms with the fact that his relationship with Bambi may not be able to save.

Momma Dee runs up on Ernest.

Momma Dee is furious about Ernest spending some time at his mom’s place, so she does a surprise drop by.

Ernest claims he’s only there because she’s older and needs his help.

He’s been gone for two days and he needs Momma Dee to understand that he loves his mother more than he loves her.

After Ernest admits he loves his mother more and he’s not going to stop being there for her when she calls him, Momma Dee gets angry and decides to leave.

“You need to be a f*cking husband that’s what you need to do.” – Momma Dee

“No, you need to stop f*cking running up behind your son, that’s what you need to do!” – Ernest

Momma Dee and Scrappy catch up.

“I know Scrappy. When he gets quiet, something is going on.” – Momma Dee

Scrappy tells Momma Dee that his relationship with Bambi is over, and he’s planning to move to Miami.

He also informs her of Kirk and Rasheeda’s drama, and she tells him that she thinks she needs to have a long talk with Rasheeda’s mom Shirleen.

Waka asks Tammy for another chance.

He rents out a movie theater and has a little documentary of their best moments play. Tammy gets emotional, and it’s clear that she’s moved by gesture.

Waka also includes all the passwords to his social media accounts but Tammy doesn’t want to have to check behind him for the rest of her life.

Tammy suggests that focus on building trust, and Waka agrees to do that if she lets him back in the house. She will give him an answer in two weeks but turns down his invitation to join him on tour.

They end the date with a kiss.

Momma Dee has a chat with Shirleen.

“The only thing that’s going to convince me is a paternity test…oh he gon take a test.” Shirleen to Momma Dee

Shirleen is waiting for Kirk to take a paternity test, and Momma Dee informs her that Kirk claims he cheated because Rasheeda hasn’t been sleeping with him.

“He better fix it because I’m coming for him” – Shirleen to Momma Dee

Scrappy’s party takes an interesting turn.

Scrappy has a party to celebrate being single again, and Stevie comes in with his new artist, Estelita Quintero aka The Panamanian Goddess. She’s gives everyone Joseline teas but Stevie says it’s strictly business and nothing more.

Tresure begs Joc to give her the internship back, and he agrees but warns her that she’s out for good if there is any more drama.

Shirleen and Momma Dee hop on the stage and send a message to Kirk, even though he’s not in attendance.

“Kirk has to be one of the dumbest men on earth…Kirk get a DNA test so all of this can be settled.” – Shirleen

Shirleen then unveils a DNA testing kit and both keep chanting DNA repeatedly on the mic and the episode ends.


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