RHOP Recap: Gizelle & Robyn Ambush Ashley + Juan Drops a Major Bomb

Monique needs help.

Monique and her cousin (her executive assistant) visit her old home with Chris, and it’s the first house Chris purchased after he was drafted to the Redskins. She really loves the house and wants to rent it out.

“I’m the property manager for all of our homes and I’m just getting to a point where I’m going to delegate some of my responsibilities.” – Monique

Managing all of their properties has made it hard for her to spend more time with Chris, so she really wants her cousin to step up and get more involved.

Karen opens up about her dark past.

Karen is a victim of sexual assault, and she’s decided to speak at an event for a nonprofit which caters to rape victims.

While discussing her upcoming speech with one of the event organizers for Pave, she reveals that her own experience made her fear her own daughter going to college.

Karen reveals that she was raped after she agreed to go on a date with another student she didn’t feel all that comfortable with.

She was supposed to go out to dinner with her rapist but they never made it there because he raped her.

Karen told her rapist no, but he verbally attacked her and overpowered her.

“…I just remember my soul leaving my body. And that’s how I survived it. You know, I wasn’t there.” – Karen

She told her parents but no one else. Because he passed away sometime later, Karen feels cheated because she never got her chance to confront him.

So she puts all of her pain about the situation into helping other victims and working with organizations that help rape victims.

Robyn is really upset with Ashley.

Robyn is not happy about what Ashley said about Juan (Ashley claimed Robyn’s estranged husband Juan has been seeing someone else), Robyn is really furious and wants to confront her.

Robyn was supposed to do an event for Ashley, but she’s not feeling it anymore.

“I was annoyed when Gizelle and Charrisse were asking me questions about my relationship with Juan but I respect them for doing it in a private manner. I felt like Ashley did it in a way where she wanted to make a scene.” – Robyn

Gizelle gets the bright idea to confront Ashley at her restaurant, the timing couldn’t be worse since Ashley is already having a hectic night since a lot of her employees have called out for the night.

“The conversation needs to be firm.” – Gizelle

“I have a message to deliver, and she needs to hear it clearly.” – Robyn

When they walk in Ashley’s restaurant, she greets them both enthusiastically, but Gizelle ad Robyn decide to get straight to business.

“I’ma make this real quick. I just wanted to tell you, you need to stay the f*ck up out my business.” – Robyn

Gizelle tells Ashley that Robyn is being hostile because Ashley told her that she’s telling people what she heard about Juan because she’s “concerned.” But Gizelle doesn’t see how Ashley is really concerned since she’s talking “trash” about Robyn and Juan’s situation to multiple people in the group.

When Robyn tells Ashley she just needs to shut up, Ashley tells Robyn that she’s not going to stop talking and she is going to speak her mind when she’s good and ready.

The conversation gets really intense, and Ashley asks Robyn to get her fingers out of her face.

Robyn refuses and Ashley tells her to leave.

Robyn accuses Ashley of saying one thing in her face but something else different behind her back. “I’m very consistent, I’ve said the same thing to everybody.” – Ashley to Robyn

“Are you sure?” – Gizelle to Ashley

“Why are you in this conversation? You are not involved in this.” – Ashley to Gizelle

Ashley tells her she’s no longer going to discuss her and Juan anymore and tells them once again to leave her restaurant.

Guzelle tells Ashley that she owes Charrisse an apology, but Ashley tells Gizelle she needs to mind her business and let her and Charrisse work out their uses without her involving herself.

Ashley feels she has a right to voice her opinion about Charrisse’s marriage, and Gizelle warns her that Charrisse will “drag” her.

Ashley doubts this though.

“Drag me where girl?” – Ashley to Gizelle

“Over the river and through the woods.” – Gizelle to Ashley

Gizelle tells Ashley she needs to stay in her lane, Ashley tells her she’s in her lane and has a lot of traffic and they should try it sometime.

“Ok the failing restaurant and the failing husband.” – Giselle

“Gizelle, really? Is that coming from you too, now?”

In a confessional, Ashley throws a little shade to Gizelle.

“Your ex husband is the one who has all those illegitimate kids with everybody in the congregation. You need to focus on what’s happening under your own roof.“ – Ashley

After Gizelle and Robyn leave, Ashley calls her husband and tells him what went down. She feels Robyn and Gizelle are classless to have confronted her at her restaurant in front of her customers

Charrisse talks to her daughter about her strained marriage with her father.

Charrisse is shopping for a journal with her daughter at the suggestion of Dr. Jeff.

Her daughter, Skylar, tells her that it’s weird that Eddie is always in New Jersey, even when he’s not working.

“Of course your dad loves you and he loves Jackson. And he’s wavering when it comes to me.” – Charrisse to Skylar

When Skylar tells Charrisse that she didn’t do anything for Eddie to be wavering, Charrisse tells her that sometimes people fall out of love.

“No one’s filed papers but ultimately we’ll probably not be together.” – Charrisse

Charrisse asks Skylar how she feels about everything, and Skylar says she doesn’t really have to make any adjustments because Eddie travels so much anyway and hasn’t been around much for a long time.

Charrisse starts to cry and Skylar gives her a hug.

“Family means the world to me but we’ll be ok.” – Charrisse

Monique and Chris go fishing.

Monique and Chris decide to hang out and go fishing and Monique reveals that her being able to fish is one of the reasons they started dating.

She and Chris discuss how he was a major “player” before they got together.

“I was 19 when I met Chris and he was 25. He was pretty wild, you know…them NFL athletes that like to dip on everything that walks by. But we were friends back then…We didn’t start dating until three or four years later.” – Monique

Monique tells Chris they don’t have a perfect marriage but she’s happy. Seeing him be a great husband and father is something she’s grateful for since he was against marriage in their earlier days.

She sees that her pastor was right about her needing to spend more time with Chris, so he may be right about her needing to apologize to Gizelle for calling her a trick.

Karen informs Gizelle of Monique calling her a trick.

Karen invites Gizelle to hear her speak at the Pave event and Gizelle accepts. Karen isn’t sure of who else to invite because she doesn’t want any messiness to go down.

Gizelle tells Karen inviting Ashley may be risky since she likes to get in a corner and tell someone else’s business. She leaves out the part about her and Robyn confronting Ashley at her restaurant though.

Gizelle then tells Karen inviting Monique could be risky because she may try to speak over the speaker.

“Any girl that can talk as much as I can, I have to give her a moment. But at the same time, you know she called you a trick?” – Karen to Gizelle

“She said that, out her mouth to me?” – Gizelle to Karen

“No, that’s why I had to tell you.” – Karen to Gizelle

In a confessional, Gizelle recounts her first gut feeling about Monique being accurate.

“Obviously Monique is who I thought she was from the beginning. Money don’t buy you class, money don’t buy you style. And clearly money does not buy you an education more than you being able to speak words that are only four letters.” – Gizelle

Gizelle tells Karen that she’s done with Monique.

Juan is over it.

Robyn is busy helping Juan plan his basketball camp and it’s going to be another source of income. She feels like the camp won’t happen if she doesn’t spearhead the planning for it.

Because Juan has so much going on, she doesn’t want to bring up the rumors Ashley has been telling everyone.

Juan gets testy with Robyn when she asks him how he wants to coordinate interviews with the media.

“Sometimes Juan doesn’t really want to talk about the important things in life, so I find myself having to kind of dance around him.” – Robyn

Juan tells her he’s going to run some errands but ends up having a secret chat with a RHOP producer.

“I’m too old for this sh*t.” – Juan

“Right.” – Producer to Juan

“‘I’m tired of living like this.” – Juan to Producer

“Do you want to get back together?” – Producer to Juan

“I wanna like…share my life with somebody. If I didn’t have Corey and Carter, I’d be gone already. I want something more.” – Juan to the Producer

Ashley’s mother tells her to check Gizelle, Robyn and Charrisse.

Ashley goes out to have a bite to eat with her mother and her little brother.

When she updates them on what went down with Robyn, Gizell and Charrisse, her mother urges her to handle them.

“You know you have to address that. And I expect you to address that.” – Ashley’s mother to Ashley

Ashley also feels like it’s interesting how Gizelle can go around and talk about Charrisse’s personal business to everybody, but wants to call her out.

Charrisse goes out to lunch with Robyn and Dr. Jeff.

So Robyn can see that there’s nothing strange about seeing a therapist, she organizes lunch with Dr. Jeff.

Dr. Jeff asks her if she’s still hurt about Juan cheating on her in the past, and Robyn says she’s not hurt, she just has a wall up because of it.

She wants to rekindle their relationship.

Dr. Jeff tells her therapy will help them figure out what will be best for them. After he says that, Robyn starts crying. Charrisse consoles her, while shedding some tears herself.

“Those memories, I’m still hurting from it.” – Robyn

Robyn starts to realize that she could benefit from therapy.

Karen’s speech is well received while Monique and Ashley are frozen out.

When Ashley’s arrives to the event, she speaks to Gizelle and Robyn, but Gizelle has few words while Robyn tries to have a civil conversation.

Although Karen was nervous about telling her story to the other ladies, her speech goes very well and she gets a standing ovation.

After the speech, the ladies catch up and exchange pleasantries. However, when Ashley tries to speak to Charrisse, Charrisse is short with her and doesn’t even make eye contact.

Ashley is offended by this and Gizelle tells her that it isn’t a good night to address everything.

“I’m not trying to do anything.” – Ashley to Gizelle

“I know, but she’s not responding. So maybe we should just table the discussion.” – Gizelle to Ashley

“This is so childish.” – Ashley

When Monique asks if she can have Gizelle’s number to talk some things out later, Gizelle blows her off.

“I’ma give it to you. But we’re just going to leave now.” – Gizelle

In a confessional, Monique calls Gizelle “a shady chick.”

“Gizelle is a shady chick. If I could do some of the things that were going through my mind, she would have been on the pavement at the Pave event. Oh Lord.” – Monique

Moments later Gizelle tells Charrisse that the way Monique asked for her number was aggressive and rude. She honestly didn’t like that Monique took out her phone and told Gizelle to give her Gizelle’s phone number.

“…I don’t know where she’s from and I don’t know her home training. But we don’t do that around here.” – Gizelle

“I’m trying to do right. Obviously, she’s intimated. I don’t do chasing. She can keep her phone number.” – Monique to Ashley

“Here we are, the two youngest women and we’re here showing the green-eyed bandits and the menopausal mess how to conduct themselves with class. These women who are meant to be of a certain stature, should really know better” – Ashley

Meanwhile, Charrisse is trying to defend Monique.

“She’s trying.” – Charrisse to Gizelle

“She’s trying? I was obstructed by those fake contacts in her eyes.” – Gizelle to Charrisse


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  1. Robyn needs to let Juan go. He doesn’t want to be with her anymore so there’s no need in dragging the inevitable out anymore.

    1. Sis I think no one has anyone making Robyn look foolish more than herself. Why is she still holding on?

  2. Yeah Gizelle is the last one who needs to talk about anyone having a failed marriage. Hers was a disaster and she really can’t talk. I’m glad Ashley clocked her on that.

  3. Juan ain’t sh-t. Ain’t nobody forcing his grown a-s to keep dealing with Robyn. He needs to grow a bigger d-ck and keep it 100.

  4. Juan could have been a real man and voiced how he really feels with Robyn instead of a producer. That’s just ridiculous.

  5. In so many words, Juan pretty much confirmed everything Ashley said. He is with someone and Robyn needs to stop being delusional. Let him go and let him be the other woman’s problem.

  6. Juan is with that woman because it’s cheaper to keep her why pay child support and alimony and possibly another mortgage when he could just live with her and come home when he feels like it. I think that’s the only reason why he’s there but she looks at it completely different as if he wants to be with her, I don’t think he led her on to believe that they were hope for them, I think that’s in he mind and because that’s what she really wants so unfortunately I don’t feel sorry for her although it has to really hurt to know that your husband doesn’t want you anymore, but she probably should have figured that out when he cheated on her several times before. Thats where all that anger comes from when she confronted Ashley cause she knew what she was saying was true. Im glad Ashley held her own against them two green eyed bandits.

  7. I thought Karen was so brave. As someone whose experienced being sexually assaulted in a college atmosphere it is so degrading and it changes who you are as a person. So many women have experienced sexual abuse and beat themselves up for it. I applaud her courage to speak out bc there is a stigma on those who’ve been sexually assaulted. Victim shaming can be so hurtful; especially when you’ve had to go through something so humiliating. Bravo Karen! ??????

    1. Because these women have actual relationships and lives. Not fake boyfriends and cringeworthy he said she said to make the season seem more interesting than it is.

  8. Ugh I wish Robyn would stop wasting her time with Juan. The whole situation makes her look pathetic and desperate.

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