Robyn Dixon Addresses Juan’s Comments to RHOP Producer

In her recent Bravo blog, Robyn addressed what Juan said to the producer about their situation.

And Robyn is actually defending Juan and doesn’t see the big deal about what he said.

Here’s an excerpt of the blog: What do you think about Juan’s conversation with the Producer off camera?

RD: Juan’s off-camera conversation with the Producer was definitely unfavorable and not fun to hear, however, it was not news to me to hear how he felt. We have had many private conversations about the state of our relationship and what we each desire. And what I have been saying the entire season – that Juan would like to get married again, have more kids, be in a relationship – is pretty much the same thing he said, “I want to share my life with somebody. I want something more.” His frustrated tone and the fact that he’s whispering to a trusted producer makes the message sound worse than it really is and as if he is hurting me. However, the fact that I am always focused on business and don’t share the same desires for a relationship that Juan does definitely sometimes leads to tense moments between the two of us.

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  1. He definitely said he wants to move on from Robyn and only deals with her now because of the kids. I’m not sure how she got that he wants to be serious again with her from that conversation.

  2. This woman needs serious therapy! What does this man have to do for you to leave him and move on!!!!

  3. Does she not realize he wants a relationship…with someone else? Girl. Recognize when you aren’t wanted anymore. It definitely hurts but it’s better than being delusional and wanting someone that doesn’t want you.

  4. Here PR spin on Juan’s feelings makes her come across like she’s in serious denial. You can co parent and not live in the same house. The fact she’s ok with people calling her Mrs. Means she needs to let go. The ultimate form of disrespect is when a man sleeps around on you. Ashley was trying to help you not hurt you. Instead of yelling at Ashley she needs to direct her frustrations at Juan and stop acting ratchet by going into a person’s place of business and feuding. Have some class.

  5. Sad Robyn, you just two weeks ago told your hairstylist Juan wanted to have a little girl with you. You constantly say he wants you to be his wife but you can’t commit to that type of relationship with him. Boo it’s Juan that can’t commit to you. He wants all those things but with someone else. Stop using the kids to hang on and finances.

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