Natalie Nunn Isn’t Going to Allow Mona Scott Young to Ruin Her Marriage

In a recent Instagram Live video, Natalie Nunn told viewers how creator & executive producer of “Love and Hip Hop,” Mona Scott Young approached her for a role on LHHH.

While Natalie is enamored with Mona’s hustle, when Mona brought up an idea of Natalie’s husband Jacob Payne being involved in a possible plot point with Miss Nikki Baby, Natalie decided against joining the show.

Apparently, Natalie Nunn is not one who will risk her marriage for ratings.

Natalie said the following on Instagram Live:

So I had a meeting with Mona [Scott Young]… she was like, ‘yeah, so I hear Jacob is a trainer… hmm, okay… so what do you think about Jacob training [Miss Nikki baby]?

Jacob trains me and only me b****. You’re not finna set nothing up because I’ll kill a b**** and then this whole motherf***ing franchise will be over.

We not gonna play no kinda games round here. There won’t be no type of script, we not gonna read no kinda lines… I will lose it! ‘Love and Hip Hop’ will be terminated… just discontinue the whole franchise.

This is the thing… when s*** does kind of get real with ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ they [just] go to court. I always see things on the blog about so and so got a restraining order on this b****. Or, they’re in court over this because such and such slandered his name…

We don’t go to court. The shows I’ve been on, we not doing the court s***. Nobody’s doing that. These b****es are really like… with the s***. They picking bottles… There’s no security that’s really gonna in…

Look man, we not gonna do that… this isn’t the right fit for us. Are you f***ing crazy?

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Mona. Here’s the thing. I like what she is doing. But It’s just ain’t for me.

Check out the full video below.

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  1. Well I’m surprised she actually has some kind of morals. She could have easily been like Rasheeda and started faking marriage problems and a whole side baby just for a check. LOL.

    1. If she had morals she wouldn’t have been in Dubai getting peed on and having folks clowning her husband. Now is she being sensible about going on L&HHH? Yes! Does it have anything to do with morals? Nope!

  2. Mona is so messy though. She doesn’t really care whose marriage suffers as long as the ratings are high.

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