'Claws' Recap: Virginia Causes More Problems for Desna


‘Claws’ Recap: Virginia Causes More Problems for Desna

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Desna begins to clean up the mess.

Desna and Virginia struggle to get Roller’s corpse out of the pool. After a brief struggle, the two get him out of the water and into a surfboard bag. They then drag him to the end of a pier and leave the body into a boat.

They discover another bagged up corpse on the boat.

Desna orders Virginia to find lighter fluid on a nearby grill. Virginia yells back at Desna saying, “You know you can’t talk to me like that anymore. We are a team now.”

Desna shrugs it off and still has her find lighter fluid. They use the lighter fluid to light the boat on fire.

They then run back to the house and try to make it look like a struggle occurred. Desna grabs Roller’s gold gun and fires off a few rounds, after Virginia puts the gun together.

Virginia begins to freak out, but Desna does her best to keep her solid.

“Pull yourself together. Ain’t nobody got time for that China Doll. This sh*t got real, real fast. And the only thing I need coming out of that d**k-licking mouth of yours is, ‘I don’t know s**t and I didn’t see s**t.’ Keep your mouth shut and your eyes down.” – Desna

Later the night, Desna drives to a river to throw the gun into a pond.

Jenn is at her house with her husband (Roller’s brother) and kids as she is helping him practice his seminar speech. Meanwhile, Desna is in the car trying to clean herself up. Desna picks up her phone for Jenn and tells her that everything is okay.

When Desna gets home, she calms down not to raise her brother’s suspicions. However, he mentions that she looks different. “You look different. I’m not sure… Older, wiser.”

Desna shrugs it off and gets him off to bed.

She tucks him in and makes sure he is okay. She reminds him that they will get a new house. “I’m gonna get us a castle by the sea where we can live together forever and ever.”

Then she goes into her room, grabs the cash she took from Roller, stuffs it into a tissue box then kicks it under the bed

Desna gets back to normalcy but Virginia goes into hiding.

Desna dreams about Roller. This causes her to wake up, holding her neck. In a pani, she texts Virginia and tells her she is picking her up in a hour.

Her brother notices that she is not good, saying she is still in yesterday. He has Desna repeat “That was then, this is now, That was yesterday, this is today,” while standing on one leg, holding an eye shut. The two embrace after a laugh then Desna heads out.

She drives to Virginia’s house but her roommate answers. She tells Desna that Virginia left. Desna tells Virginia’s roommate to have her call when she gets back.

Next, Ann and Poly are seen opening up the salon. Ann is told a person in a van is scoping the place out. She goes out there because it’s the woman she slept with from the NYE party. The woman brings her some croissants and Ann tells her she is having surgery on her tongue. As she walks off, the woman tries to get the name of the hospital butAnn ignores her.

When Desna arrives, she heads into the office and tries to call Virginia but only gets her voicemail.

However, her mood changes when Mandy, her realtor, calls and tells her to be on her toes. Desna suspects a secret shopper will be stopping by to test her. If she fails, she won’t get the new shop.

Suddenly, Jenn’s husband arrives in tears because they can’t find Roller. He mentions that his boat is gone and his house is shot up with blood around. He then mentions that he is going to tell Uncle Daddy.

In her office, Desna is consoled by the other ladies. She also tries to call Virginia but keeps getting her voicemail.

Later, Polly is dropped off at her community service by Ann. Polly talks about Desna and Roller’s s*x life. Ann tells Polly that the woman from the NYE party is thirsty.

Desna is doing a really good job wearing a poking face keeping her clients happy as they wait. Despite this, she is really concerned about Virginia.

Back at the community service, Polly is asked about her crime. After a bit of hesitation, she tells the girls that she ran a modeling agency that was a front for a prostitution ring, serving celebrity clients. When asked why a celebrity like Lamar Odom would pay for s*x, Polly responds, “You don’t pay a whore to bang, you pay her to leave.” That causes the girls eyebrows to raise.

Uncle Daddy gives an ultimatum to Desna about Virginia.

Desna is stalking out Virginia’s place and walked up on an asian woman that looked like Virginia. She freaks out the girl and Desna is apologetic.

Meanwhile, Uncle Daddy is hosting his family at his mansion and a detective from the Palmetto PD arrives. The detective, Chip Lauderdale, lets them know they found Roller burning on the boat in the Manatee River. “We found him… what was left of him… at the end of the Manatee River on what was left of the boat.”

That news causes the family to fall apart crying, in grief. He then gives Uncle Daddy pieces of Roller’s gold fronts.

Uncle Daddy then goes into a rage and pushes his wife, who slaps him in return. He slaps her back then the two begin crying uncontrollably in each others arms. Meanwhile, Jenn’s husband Bryce cries out to Jen saying he was supposed to protect his brother. “ He was my little brother. I was supposed to protect him. I let him down like I let everybody down.” Lastly, Uncle Daddy is seen punching a very expensive BMW.

Desna arrives home. She regretfully tells her brother Dean that Roller is missing. She tells Dean that she doesn’t know what happen and Dean goes into a rage. Uncle Daddy then calls Desna, telling her to meet him at the salon.

“We need to talk.” – Uncle Daddy

When she arrives, she see his bloody knuckles. He tells Desna that they found Roller’s remains in the burning boat on the river. He then shows her the gold teeth and she begins to cry. When he asks if she last saw him, she tells him that she threaded his eyebrows earlier that day.

She gets nervous telling him this and her voice gets crackly.

He asked about Virginia and says she’s missing. “What about this Virginia, I hear — he had a thing going on with her.” Desna covers for her, telling Uncle Daddy that Virigina is visiting her mom. He demands to have Virginia when she returns. “You bring me that little trick… you hear me?”

Desna goes on the hunt to find Virginia.

Desna then heads over to Virginia’s and it is trashed. However Virginia is nowhere to be found. Her roommate arrives to see the trashed apartment too. She asks Virginia, “What kind of trouble is she in?” Desna denies any knowledge and asks where she could be.

The roommate lets Desna know she could be “up the coast at her happy place.” While the roommate couldn’t remember the name of the place, Desna finds a postcard on her wall that has the name of the place, the Sea Princess.

The next day, the doctor rolls into the office demanding money to be laundered. However, Jenn and Ann calm him down. However, this freaks out the clients and they leave, leaving Polly and Jenn angry.

Eventually, Desna finds Virginia at the Sea Princess with an arm full of pork skins.

After a short chase, Desna catches up to Virginia on the beach and pushes her into the sand. While catching her breath, Desna asks, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Virginia reveals she skipped town because she is afraid that Desna isn’t trustworthy. “How do I know Uncle Daddy didn’t send you?”

Back in the hotel room, Desna asks again why she ran and Virginia stands by her fear. “Why did I run? You have every reason to sell my a** out, Desna. Every freakin reason. I didn’t know that I could trust you and I still don’t.”

She also isn’t wasn’t apologetic about Roller being dead. After another argument, Desna seems to get Virginia in line. “Let me tell you how to feel about it. ‘Boo-hoo, I’m a grieving side-piece. Look at how torn up I am.’ I need you to come back to Palmetto and come back to the salon. Come to the funeral, pay your respects. And then, if anybody ask you where you been, say you was with your mama, cause that’s what I told Uncle Daddy.”

Virginia scoffs at the last part saying, “My mama is dead.” However, she sees okay with the rest of the plan.

As Desna begins to leave, Virginia asks her to stay until she falls asleep. Desna reluctantly agrees.

Desna struggles to keep the salon and Virginia in line.

The next day, Ann’s fling is seen vandalizing her van. This creates a scene and Desna tries to calm it down, in case the secret shopper arrives. Jenn gets a call about Roller from Bryce and they meet Uncle Daddy. When they get to Uncle Daddy’s, Bryce is asked to take over the doctor’s office.

After a bit of bargaining, he considers the job offer. Jenn is against this and tells him not to take the job, storming out of the club.

On the day of the funeral, Desna and Dean are preparing for it. Dean tells Desna the he looks up to Roller. She then gets a call from Mandy and is told the owner of the shop isn’t selling the shop after her secret shopper reported bad business.

Uncle Daddy and his wife share a sincere embrace with one another moments before the funeral ceremony begins.

The Funeral begins with a parade of sorts as two women walk down with a painting of Roller. The procession features dancers from Uncle Daddy’s club, old school cars and his friends, family and associates.

The Pastor reads a quote from the Movie “Total Recall.” Virginia isn’t there and Desna texts her, “ WTF.” Uncle Daddy begins to break down, falling out onto the ground. At the repass, a party ensues as folks are drinking and dancing. Attendees are seemingly having a good time. As people walk up to Desna offering their condolences, Desna is confused by this and asks Polly how they know her business.

Polly informs Desna that everyone knew about her and Roller.

Randomly, Uncle Daddy stops the music, walks up to the podium and begins to sing. Suprsingly, Virginia pops into the repass beat and falls on the floor crying.

She loudly claims that she was robbed by the same people who robbed Roller.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Elizabeth

    June 19, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Another good episode. I really wonder how they are going to get out of this huge mess.

  2. Ms. Jackson

    June 19, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    The way Kae was running away from Desna had me cracking up. Lmao.

  3. Anonymous

    June 19, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Virginia is going to get someone else killed.

  4. Deja

    June 20, 2017 at 9:40 am

    I’m curious to see how this season will end. How is Desna supposed to tell Jenn Virginia killed her brother in law? Just crazy all around.

  5. Pat

    June 20, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    This show is the sh-t.

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