Camilla Poindexter Threatens to Expose Unfaithful Men + Gets Called Out

Camilla Poindexter has been really quiet lately on social media.

Previously this year, she threw major shade towards her married baby daddy Donald Penn, making it seem as if he is still unfaithful. She also threw shade at the cast of “Basketball Wives.”

Despite the drama she’s had with Donald’s wife Dominique Penn a few months ago, everything seems to be going in a good place for now. She has even been allowing her daughter to spend time with Donald’s other kids.

While the drama with Donald and Dominique may be over for now, Camillia is still dealing with married men sliding into her DMs.

She’s so annoyed by married men showing interest in her that she took time out of from her vacation to post a warning to these men: stay away or get exposed:

Despite her good intentions, it didn’t take long for her followers to call her out and drag her:

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  1. I think she is learning from her mistakes and doesn’t have time for the bs anymore……I commend her and im here for the putting these no good a$$ men on blast

  2. It’s funny how people change their behaviors, or at appear to do so, but try to call out others. She could sent those messages privately to those who are “sliding in her DM”

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