Cardi B Clashes with Nicki Minaj’s Fans + Invites People to Square up in Person

Nicki Minaj has had the rap game on lock for years.

However, things got complicated for her after Remy Ma made “ShETHER,” and she ended Nicki’s dominance at the BET Awards.

Nicki’s fans may have been pretty busy lately going after Remy, but it appears they have now made time to go after Cardi B as well.

Earlier today, Cardi snapped and started clapping back at the Barbs in her mentions.

Check out the tweets below:

Things eventually escalated into one of Nicki’s fans tweeting Cardi a video of her getting jumped back in the day and Cardi inviting folks on Twitter to square up in person:

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  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Remy is not a threat to Nicki. Cardi is. Unlike Remy, Cardi has the potential to cross over and be mainstream. The barbs know this and they are shook. Cardi should take it as a compliment that they are afraid and pay them dust.

  2. Cardi is going to have to get thicker skin. I’ve noticed that she searches for herself on Twitter and gets in her feelings anytime the comments aren’t positive. She has to learn how to take the good and bad in stride.

  3. Nicki needs to get her annoying a-s stans in check. They act like no one else can be successful. I get them dragging Remy all day long but Cardi? Cardi hasn’t done anything to Nicki. Grow up barbs.

  4. Cardi has to learn to let things go because this is only the beginning the bigger she becomes the more people will try to get under her skin.

  5. Cardi should take a break from Twitter. The most successful people aren’t doing this kind of stuff.

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