'Claws' Recap: Desna Gets a Big Win + Jenn Starts to Put the Pieces Together


‘Claws’ Recap: Desna Gets a Big Win + Jenn Starts to Put the Pieces Together

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Desna worries about the aftermath from Bryce’s actions.

Desna slams a newspaper on the table that features a headline surrounding the death of the Coombs. The headline of the paper reads, “Sarasota Real Estate Kingpins Found Dead.”

Desna begins arguing with Polly. She’s in fear because she wasn’t expecting the Coombs to be killed. However, Polly lets her know that it wasn’t their fault and they didn’t pull the trigger to kill them.

“This was done by Uncle Daddy’s corrupt Po-Po.” – Polly

Desna mentions that Jenn will now have to live with the fact that Bryce is a murderer. Polly retorts, saying Jenn thinks Bryce avenged the death of Roller. Desna sternly reminds Virginia that Jenn must never find out about the people Bryce and the police killed.

“She’ll never find out or else I’ll beat your lil a**.” – Desna

Polly reminds Desna that the Coombs were terrible people and Dean doesn’t have to worry about them ever hurting him again. Speaking of which, Dean interrupts the conversation, saying hello to Virginia and telling Desna he’s hungry. This prompts Polly and Virginia to leave Desna’s home. When they leave, Dean mentions that he didn’t hear screaming coming from Desna’s room.

Desna replied, “For the first time since Roller died, I actually slept.”

Dean then tells Desna the Coombs are dead, which chokes her up. Dean mentions he is happy they are dead.

“I’m glad those a**holes are dead.” – Dean

Jenn is with Bryce at a restaurant recapping what happened with the Coombs. Bryce tells Jenn that in the past, he would’ve binged on drugs to deal with the severity, however his program is working.

“Two years ago, that s*** might’ve put me in a bender… But, I’ve been working the program, doing the steps. Truth be told, I’m proud of myself.” – Bryce

When Jenn asks next if what Bryce did means they are done with Uncle Daddy, Bryce happily says yes.

Jenn is very happy to hear this news and want to reward Bryce for his hard work.

“In light of this news, I feel you deserve a morning BJ.” – Jenn

They then rush home from the restaurant.

We learn about Roller’s captor. 

Roller in a bathtub with the woman who recovered him from the burning boat. The woman is quite excited to have rescued Roller, who she calls “Mr. Emerson”:

“When I saw you in that swamp, Mr. Emerson, I knew you were special. It’s like the fates intervened and manifest my dreams. My very own English suitor dropped from the sky.”

A flash back of sorts appears, showing how the woman rescued him from the burning boat Desna and Virginia set on fire.

Roller is still chained up, but this time he is in a bathtub on the woman’s patio with the woman sitting on top of him with a stiletto working on his gunshot wound.

As Roller begs to use a phone, the woman declines the request and straddles him in the bathtub, indicating that he is a s*x slave. Experiencing immense pleasure on top of Roller, the woman begins to howl.

Desna meets her new shop’s old owner and it doesn’t go well.

Desna and the other girls head over to the shop they are buying. They ladies are quite impressed with the new shop’s location. When they arrive, they walk in with their eyes wide open, amazed at the shop. The current shop workers scoff at the girls walking in and beginsspeaking disrespectfully in Korean. Desna notices the shade thrown by the shop workers.

“It’s amazing how clear racism is, even if it’s spoken in another language.” – Desna

The outgoing owner tells Desna that she can’t take her girls with her to her new shop in Tampa. Desna then mentions that she’s not keeping any of the girls on when the sale is complete. The owner then tells her that her Glint girls have 5 stars on Yelp and won NailPalm twice. However, this doesn’t impress Desna.

“I knew you all were common, I didn’t know you were dim-witted as well.” – Glint Shop Owner

Desna scoffs at this, replying “You underestimate me.”

“These are the baddest b****es in Palmetto. The last thing we need is some Korean Barbies dragging us down. So, why don’t y’all be out by 6:00pm, and take those tacky fruit bowls with you.” – Desna

As revenge, the current workers, stuff the toilets with tampons, damaging the shop.

Virginia learns about her roommates’ new money-making scheme.

Later on, Virginia is sitting with her roommate at Uncle Daddy’s club eating with her roommate and tells her what happened at the shop. The roommate replies, “The old tampon in the toilet trick.”

She also tells her roommate that the toilet damage is going to keep them from opening up the shop when they wanted. Virginia, wanting to build her bond with the other girls, tells her roommate that she feels bad, because she can’t help.

“I’m broke, unlike you Miss. Relevance.” – Virginia

She then notices her roommate’s new purse. The roommate mentions that she’s been earning $400 a week dressing up in costumes for webcam clients. She asks if Virginia wants to join but Virginia lets her know that she’s not into trapping anymore.

“I am using my God-given talents to do honest work for perverts.” – Miss Relevance

Virginia’s roommate asks if she wants in on the action and Virginia declines. The roommate scoffs at this and says to call when “s*** hits the fan” with Desna’s crew.

Desna learns the cost of her new shop’s recent damage.

Bryce is over at the old salon, talking to Desna and Jenn. He lets them know that the Glint girls did between $11-12 thousand dollars in damage and all of the floors are in need of repair. While Desna worries over how she is going to pay for the damage, Bryce lets Jenn know that Uncle Daddy wants to meet with them.

When Jenn and Bryce leave, Desna tells Polly that she used all of her money to plant on the Coombs. She then opens up to Polly saying, “Am I ever gonna catch a break?” Polly keeps her spirits high.

“Things are gonna turn around. They have to.” – Polly

Bryce and Jen are enticed by Uncle Daddy to remain at the clinic. 

Uncle Daddy meets Bryce and Jenn at a new home nearby. Uncle Daddy is proud of Bryce’s recent work at the clinic. Uncle Daddy says the clinic pulled in the most money ever the week prior.

As an incentive to keep Bryce at the clinic, he buys them the house they are standing in. Bryce and Jenn are shocked by the gesture. While Bryce is still considering leaving the clinic, Jenn changes her mind when she hears about the school district from Uncle Daddy.

“Well Baby Girl wanted to learn the clarinet.” – Jenn

Back in the swamp, Roller is looking better, with his gunshot wound treated by his captor. They are lying on the bad watching classic movies as she is still drawing out her fantasy.

“This is what we were like Mr. Emerson. You swept me off my feet and you carried me to safety.” – Miss Honeychild

Desna wants revenge by winning NailPalm

The next day, Virginia and Desna run into the Glint girls, who damaged their new shop at the nail supply store. Desna asks Virginia to listen in on the Glint girls’ conversation.

Virginia has to remind Desna of the language barrier.

“For the last time, they are Korean, I am Vietnamese. We are not the same, okay?” – Virginia

Despite the language barrier, the girls learn from their rivals that they are preparing are for the annual NailPalm competition. This compels Desna to have her shop compete, to win the money to help repair the new shop.

When Desna gets back to the shop with Virginia, Desna lets the girls know the she’s placing the shop in the NailPalm competition. Much to the chagrin of the girls, Desna feels they can win the competition. Suddenly Polly’s client comes in needing her assistance. When they head off into the back, Jenn tells Desna about the house. Desna scoffs at this, because this signals Bryce and Jenn aren’t leaving Uncle Daddy alone any time soon. She also knows that she’ll get dragged into it too.

Jenn does offer to pay for the damage at the new nail shop, but Desna declines, opting to compete in the NailPalm competition. Desna is very adamant about moving as far away from Uncle Daddy as possible.

“I want the money, Jenn. I need the money. I deserve the money, hmm? But I don’t want s*** from the Dixie Mafia. And if you had any sense, you wouldn’t either.” – Desna

Desna surprisingly meets Gregory, a Doctor.

Desna then storms out the nail shop completely frustrated with everything. She stormed out so fast, she forgot her purse and is unable pay for the meal she ordered. Just when she feels as if she is hitting rock bottom, a handsome gentleman suddenly offers to pay for her meal. The gentleman introduces himself as Gregory Ruval. Gregory asks Deana if she wants to join him for lunch and she happily honors his request.

A cheerful Desna returns to the shop after her impromptu lunch date. She and the other girls are working as she is telling them about what happened. The ladies are all impressed when she tells them how he looks, he’s a gynecologist, and Virginia points out the kind of car he drives, a Mercedes E Class.

“Big car, big d***!” – Virginia

Desna calms the girls down and lets them know that he wants to take her “on a real date.” They then school her about how to set up her bikini wax, with Polly letting her know to “keep it bushy” for the first date.

Desna, feeling uncomfortable, changes the topic of conversation to what they’re doing for NailPalm. Desna picks Jenn, Polly and Quiet Ann to join her as they can only have 4 members on the team. Virginia is an alternate and this angers her. As a result, Virginia skates out of the shop on her Heelys.

Roller learns even more about Miss Honeychild.

Later on, Roller is back to physically pleasing his captor. This time, she does have a shock collar on him. As she is coming down from another euphoric feeling, Roller’s captor is ready for another session. However ,Roller replies, “I need a minute.”

This prompts the woman to utilize the shock collar. While pleading with the woman, Roller reveals her name, Miss. Honeychild. As he’s being shocked, he walks over to Miss. Honeychild and picks her up, throwing her on the bed. He mentions that he has “other ways to make you smile,” proceeding to use other methods to give her another euphoric high.

As he is bringing pleasure to her, she gets a phone call about an art showing in Miami. Roller learns from the phone call that Miss Honeychild is an artist.

Virginia takes Relevance up on her offer and Desna has her first date with Gregory.

Next, Virginia runs into She She’s, Uncle Daddy’s club to find her roommate Relevance. She tells Relevance that she changed her mind and wants to jump in on the webcams.

Meanwhile, Desna is on her date with Gregory. Things seem to be going quite well, until Dr. Ken calls her demanding she come down to the clinic. He noticed an unmarked police car parked outside the clinic. When asked why he didn’t call Bryce, he mentions that he’s not picking up the phone. Desna regretfully tells Gregory an emergency came up and she has to leave the date, after Ken threatens to flush pills down the toilet.

When she arrives to the clinic, she approaches the car. She is shocked to see Quiet Ann and Detective Branch getting freaky.

Desna punches Ken in the chest and walks off.

Desna gets ready for NailPalm.

The next day, Ann walked in to the salon and faces the other girls. They all question Ann’s dating habits. Desna thinks Ann needs to stick to her “desperate housewives with issues.”

Desna sternly tells Ann to end her relationship with Detective Branch.

Then the attention turns to Desna’s date with Gregory. The ladies think she should call him and cook for him. Desna decides to call Gregory and walks into the back. As she’s calling, Ken walks in with pastries as an apology for everyone.

He sits at Polly’s station and begins to stress. Polly asks him if he’s okay since the near death experience. As he begins to freak out about everything, Polly slaps him across his face. As he seems to be wooed by this gesture from Polly, Desna walks out from her office and tells Ann she’s gonna need her “famous empanadas” cooked for her date with Gregory.

An injury forces Desna to change plans. 

Later on, Jenn is at her new house with Bryce working on a new play house for their daughters. Dean is also over there taking advantage of their pool. Jenn notices her daughters messing with Dean and tells them to leave him alone. When Dean leaves the pool, he asks Jenn how they got the new house, mentioning Bryce sucked at being a life coach.

Bryce tells Dean that he works at the clinic. Suddenly, Jenn hurts her thumb with a hammer and runs off. When Bryce and Dean are alone, Dean tells Bryce that he’s looking to ask Virginia to go to Miami with him for a Bodybuilding competition. Bryce tells Dean a quote from his life-coaching.

“An abundance in life can only come through abundance in love.” – Bryce

Dean is then convinced that he should take Virginia to Miami with him.

Desna attempts to have another first date with Gregory but Virginia’s antics cut things short.

Later that night, Desna, Ann and Polly are getting ready for Desna’s date. Desna is nervous about the date but is glad they helped her with everything. As she’s calming down with Polly and Ann, Jenn calls Desna to tell her that she hurt her thumb and can’t compete in NailPalm.

Desna, furious with Jenn goes off on her about it until Gregory arrives. As Desna and Gregory get comfortable for their date, Virginia is working on her new hustle. She’s dressed up in skimpy lingerie and bunny ears. When she asks the webcam guy how she should pose, he walks out in rally small underwear with an unexpected agenda.

“First, we’ll start off in cowgirl, then missionary, finishing in doggystyle or what we like to call, bunny.” – Webcam guy

This freaks out Virginia and she mentions that her friend told her she’s gonna be dancing. When she tries to leave, the webcam guy grabs her, throwing her onto the bed, mentioning that he had 500 guys sign up to watch them. She is able to get him off of her by kicking him, then locs herself in a bathroom.

Back at Desna’s, as her date with Gregory is going somewhere, Virginia calls her in a panic. She needs Desna’s help to get out her situation. Desna tells Gregory she has another emergency and has to leave. This disappoints him.

Desna brings Ann over to the webcam house, storms in and gets her out of the house. As Virginia and Desna run out, Ann is beating up the webcam guy and his computer with a bat.

Back in Ann’s van, Desna goes off on Virginia.

“What’s wrong with you China Doll? Why do you keep doing stupid s***?” – Desna

Virginia cries, saying she’s been working hard on her nails, trying to impress them. As distraught as Virginia is, she cheers up when Desna tells her she’s competing in place of Jenn.

Desna and her team face-off with their rivals at Nailpalm.

It’s the day of NailPalm and Desna is nervous. She’s also upset she had to cut her dates short. Jenn reminds her that her life is complicated and things are going to turn around. Jenn then tells her that the her nail injury occurred when Bryce was telling Dean about working at the clinic.

When Desna urges Jenn to give back the house, Jenn goes off on Desna. Jenn feels that Desna isn’t happy for the new mansion and she’s just jealous. Desna reminds her that Bryce is officially in the Dixie Mafia.

This angers Jenn who walks off.

“I’m going to get a seat and support you because that’s what real friends do.” – Jenn

Back at She She’s, Uncle Daddy is questioning Chip about his new partner, Detective Branch. He needs to know that she isn’t going to be a problem.

“I’ve met chipmunks smarter than her.” – Chip.

Uncle Daddy is pleased by this, letting him know that he’s going up to Georgia to be part of the Dixie Mafia’s expansion plans.

Meanwhile, the completion begins and Desna’s team competes hard. They are shown in a montage of sorts, working on their designs during the completion. They Judges look on and seem to be impressed with them. So much so, they made it to the finals to compete against Glint’s “Ms. Kim Best Girls.”

Desna and Glint’s head woman compete in a head-to-head final.

Back in the swamp, Miss Honeychild is leading Roller on his leash. When he calls her Gladys, not Miss Honeychild, he gets shocked by her. She then show’s him her “masterpiece,” a gigantic sculpture made out of prisoner pubic hairs. When she thinks he won’t like it, he tells her, “it’s beautiful.”

When Desna and Kim compete, they have to make a self-portrait. and demonstrate who they are through their client’s nails. This throws Desna off at first as she runs a flashback of all the good moments she’s had with her loved ones. She snaps out of it when she hears Jenn lead a cheer with the other girls and Dean. She then focuses in on her designs.

When asked what her nails mean, Desna says the are a portrait of her life.

“They are chaotic, but loved.” – Desna

The girls erupts into cheers when they are announced the winners. Out of nowhere, Gregory appears witha bunch of flowers, congratulating her. Desna invites him out to drinks with the girls.

Roller and Miss Honeychild are laying down on the bed and she is contemplating going to Miami for the art show she was invited to. Roller convinces her to go and she gets giddy. She runs out but forgets her cell phone. Roller sees it and tries to call Uncle Daddy. When Uncle Daddy picks up, Roller hangs up not saying a word, as she comes back realizing she left the phone.

At the end of the episode, Jenn is in Dean’s room talking to him. She pulls out his artwork and notices a violent drawing of the Coombs in his drawer. Dean mentions he’s glad they’re gone as they hurt him. Suddenly, Jenn begins to put pieces together about everything.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    July 17, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    I feel like the season is going to get really messy very soon.

  2. Peachy

    July 17, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Jen going to figure out Virginia and Desna fake killed Roller and it’s going to get really ugly.

  3. WhatWhat

    July 17, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    Oh it will once they find out Roller isn’t dead and he tells them what happened.

  4. Gabriella

    July 17, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    I wasn’t really feeling this episode of Claws it didn’t really get good until the end when Jen start to piece everything together.

  5. O-La

    July 17, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    I really don’t understand this Roller storyline.

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