'Claws Recap': Uncle Daddy Shows How Terrorizing He Can Be + Bryce Loses It


‘Claws Recap’: Uncle Daddy Shows How Terrorizing He Can Be + Bryce Loses It

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Desna can’t get away from Roller’s ghost.

Desna is dreaming about sleeping with Roller. As the dreams progresses, Roller asks her to choke him. Then, he turns the tables on her and begins to choke her, yelling her that her plan isn’t going to work; Uncle Daddy will find out and she will be killed.

As she begins to scream out, her brother Dean bangs on the door, waking her up.

Polly sees an old “friend.”

The next day,  Sally Bates, Polly’s old friend, stops by the shop. Sally refers to Polly as Heather.

It becomes evident that Polly is back in scammer mode. When Sally sits down to get her nails done, she asks Polly what she’s doing working at a nail salon and Polly tells her that she’s working undercover to pen her new book.

She also tells Sally that her husband assed away and left her a large inheritance.

Virginia walks in the salon and heads to her station. Jenn tells her that Bryce and Uncle Daddy are looking for Titus. Unbeknownst to them, Virginia made up the story.

Now realizing that her lies may come to light, Virginia begins to get nervous.

Desna is at her house with Dean getting ready to meet his bodybuilding trainer. He begins to freak out as he sees their foster parents on a local magazine cover. As Dean is yelling and pacing in frustration, Desna puts on his favorite song to calm him down, playing his favorite Jeffery Osborne song.

As this is going on, Uncle Daddy calls Desna from his club. He tells her that he knows that business at the clinic is slow and he demands a re-payment of the $88,000 immediately. Desna is puzzled by this and asks to talk about this later. Uncle Daddy refuses, but he jokes about putting her on a layaway plan, of sorts. He tells her that she, Bryce and Dr. Ken will have to pay $500 each Friday.

Desna managed to get Dean into her car and drives him down to the salon. Desna tells Dean that their foster parents, “The Coombs,” can’t hurt them anymore. She says, “We’re protected.” Dean still wants revenge.

“I still want to gouge their eyes out.” – Dean

Dean and Desns arrive at the salon and Desna leaves him in the care of Jenn. Jenn promises Desna to keep Virginia from any funny business with Dean.

“I’ll make sure china-doll doesn’t fall on his d**k.” -Jenn

Desna then heads over to the clinic to talk with Bryce and Dr. Ken to increase drug sales. Dr. Ken and Bryce seem to be against it.

Dr. Ken tells Desna that they need to improve their marketing and pills which would cost $20,000. Desna pulls out a $20,000 stack of money and gives it to Dr. Ken. Puzzled, Dr. Ken asks, “Where did you get his from,” to which Desna replies, “My damn trust fund. Just by the damn pills.”

As Desna is walking out she sees Roller’s ghost doing push-ups and counting out the amount of money Desna took from him.

“That’s my money baby girl.” – Roller

Desna is over it.

“Not today Roller.” – Desna

Desna sees Polly is up to her old tricks, again.

Desna walks back into the salon and sees Polly with Sally Bates at the checkout counter.

As Polly continues to lie to Sally about having a dead husband named Otto, Desna notices and holds her comments until Sally leaves. After Sally leaves the shop, Desna criticizes Polly for going back to her thieving ways.

“Are you kidding me? Do not backside, Polly-Pol. I thought you said you were cleaning up your life.” – Desna

Polly tells Desna, “Re-entry into society is a complicated process.”

“I still got PTSD from your last arrest.” -Desna

Then she reminds Polly of her house arrest.

“How do think that ankle jewelry is gonna fit in at the country club, Heather?” -Desna

Desna then has a meeting with the girls to brainstorm wabout increasing the sales for the clinic. Polly brings up the idea to give treats at the clinic, and Virginia brings up a story about the time she and other strippers used rubber gloves in an certain x-rated act to bring in customers.

Jenn also comes up with the idea to go to their rivals, Peter Pain, and take their customers, but Desna “doesn’t want to start a war.”

Jenn then tells a story of dressing in a bikini to promote her car wash to raise money.

Desna likes that idea and gets the girls to bring out their Vanity 6 costumes. A puzzled Virginia asks who they are, and they begin to make fun of Virginia’s age.

As they are having fun telling Virginia about Vanity 6, Uncle Daddy and Bryce walk in. They demand that Virginia meet them out back.

Uncle Daddy shows just how terrorizing he can be.

Desna panics and has the other ladies join Virginia out back. When they get there, they see Chip with a man in the trunk of his police car.

Uncle Daddy tells the panicked ladies that they found a man that worked for Titus corporation who had a beef with Roller. They ask Virginia if this is the man and she says she’s not sure. They then have the man speak. Virginia panics telling Uncle Daddy, “No, no, no. It doesn’t sound like him.”

Uncle Daddy flat out asks, “Is this the son of a b**** who killed my son?”

Virginia swears that he didn’t do it.

The guy opens up and says “I work for Tie-tus, not Tit-tus.” Uncle Daddy, seemingly puzzled, shoots him in the chest and kills him. The ladies scream and he has Bryce and Chip load his body in the trunk and take him away.

Once they leave, Desna and the other ladies begin to clean up. Desna also questions Virginia.

“I thought you said you made the name Titus up.” – Desna

Virginia explains to Desna that she saw the name on an IV bag in Dr. Ken’s office. Desna is once again furious.

“Are you kidding me? That man is dead because of us. We’re screwed. This whole thing is because of us.” – Desna

Virginia reminds Desna, “You’re not the one who killed Roller.”

“We will sell this pills and we will get out of this mess.” – Desna

Once Bryce, Chip and Uncle Daddy get to a secluded location at night, Uncle Daddy has Bryce and Chip begin to chop up the dead body.

This entire ordeal of chopping up the body freaks out Bryce. However, Uncle Daddy and Chip are totally un-phased by this, as Uncle Daddy kicks back in his pickup truck bed, eating his dinner. Bryce, on the other hand, totally becomes unglued and begins vomiting into the dirt.

Polly gets in too deep with Sally.

Polly and Sally meet for their rounds of tennis. When they finish up, Sally tells Polly about her husband’s medical condition. It turns out her husband is much older than Sally and he is really sick. She’s also really annoyed with having to care for him, including changing his diapers.

Polly is then invited by Sally to crash in her guesthouse to spend more time together hanging out.

When they are walking away from the tennis court, a hard ball falls from between Sally’s legs. Polly is startled and asks her about it.

Sally tells Polly, “It my Kegal Ball. I gotta keep my kitty tight.”

Sally reveals that she sees a younger Puerto Rican man on “Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Desna puts their money-making scheme into action, but Polly has other plans.

The ladies head over to the Greyhound racetrack to promote the clinic. While they are there, one of Jenn’s children call to tell her that Bryce is in a deranged state. They want Jenn to come home to help them. She tells the other girls and they all head over to Jenn’s house. There they see Bryce still in his blood stained clothes burning a grilled cheese sandwich.

As Jenn takes Bryce to change and calm down, Desna tries to rally the troops. Ann reveals she’s down for taking customers from Peter Pain. Desna agrees with it and says they’re going down there with a bus. However, Polly doesn’t want to go, revealing she has plans to see Sally’s guesthouse.

When Desna questions this, Polly snaps.

“I am meeting Sally for brunch. She is offering me her — her guesthouse. This is my chance to get out of the ghetto!” – Polly

Desna calmly tells her, “Go head Pol. Be bougie.”

Polly angrily walks away, telling Desna, “I’d rather be bougie than — than broke down.”

Uncle Daddy realizes that Bryce is definitely not Roller.

Jenn walks over to Uncle Daddy and tells him what happened to Bryce.

“Bryce isn’t cut out for this work. He isn’t Roller.” – Jenn

Uncle Daddy says, “sometimes, you gotta push him.”

However, he then tells Jenn that he will go easy on Bryce.

Desna, Jenn and Anne head over to Peter Pain with Dr. Ken and a bus. They are loading up the bus easily. Next, we see them head back to the clinic, quickly filling prescriptions of patients with bogus issues.

One of them even tells Dr. Ken their illness is their “Baby Daddy.”

Polly’s cover is blown.

Poly heads over to Sally’s for brunch. She walks into Sally’s house and is in a bit of a shock. It turns out that Sally planned a big brunch event in her home. Polly sees Sally’s husband with an oxygen mask on and a medical bed in front of a huge TV.

Polly tells him she brought baked goods her maid made, but he could only say “Mama.”

When they are laying on the massage tables, Polly tells Sally another story about Otto, her fake husband.

As they are bonding, Polly’s ankle monitor begins to beep, startling everyone. Polly panics and Sally and the masseuses notice it’s coming from her cowboy boot.

Sally forcibly removes the boot and sees the ankle monitor. Sally then asks, “Did the lawyer hire you to spy on me?”

Polly realizes her cover is blown, reveals to Sally that stories about Otto are made up and she isn’t a rich widow.

Shocked and angered, Sally kicks Polly out of the house. Polly gets on a bus back towards the salon, and breaks down in tears.

Desna sees Polly crying and joins her in front of the nail salon. Polly is absolutely full of regrets.

Bryce, Desna and Dr. Ken are back at the clinic after the successful sales, counting money. Bryce forgets the code to the safe. Dr. Ken tells him that it’s Roller’s birthday. The same thing he used for every pass code. When Bryce opens the safe, he sees the gun which he believes looks like the murder weapon. This causes Bryce to pause and put things together.

Desna is there for Polly.

“I am 45 years old. No car. No kid. This is just so far from how I imagined my life would be.” – Polly

Desna consoles Polly saying, “…you’re doing a lot better than you think your are.”

Polly scoffs at this, then telling about her only “partner.”

“No, I’m not. My only sexual partner involves batteries and last night, they ran out, so I had to steal from the one from the smoke detector.” – Polly

Desna keeps her spirits high.

“We’re going to get out of this, and I will buy you plenty of batteries.” – Desna

The next morning, Desna is working on a Russian lady’s nails. This woman looks like the woman who was scoping out the clinic on the first episode. She asks about Roller and Desna tells her he was murdered.

The woman responds, “In my country, when some one kills my family, you hunt them down, beat them with a hammer, and bury them alive in crate full of rats, so they can contemplate what they have done.”

When the woman leaves, Desna locks the shop and tells them that she is $15,000 short from fully paying back Uncle Daddy. Polly comes up with a creative idea to get the money.

The ladies head to Sally’s home and take photos of Sally and her side piece in full S&M gear. Polly takes pictures of them and they yell out from her balcony.

They demand $15,000 from her but Sally scoffs at it.

Polly then reminds her of the rainy-day fund she set up, in case her previous husbands try to come after her. Sally gets the money.

Bryce causes major problems.

Back at the clinic, Dr. Ken is drunk and on his ex’s Facebook page. He sees a photo of her and her new fiancé, and their address for their engagement party. He picks up his flask and walks out of the office in anger, heading to the party.

Desna then takes the case of money over to Uncle Daddy’s club. She sees Uncle Daddy’s boy toy and he tells her some not so good news.

“He actually just left to meet Bryce. I’m not supposed to tell anybody this, but Bryce figured out who killed Roller.”

Desna gets into a panic and calls Jenn and Virginia. Desna then meets Virginia and they think about skipping town. Jenn calls Bryce to talk him out of doing whatever he is thinking about doing.

Desna makes a split decision to get in the car and find Ken.

Bryce refutes this angrily, yelling into the phone, “They killed my brother!”

Bryce arrives at the engagement party where Dr. Ken is showing out. He places a bag over a drunken Ken’s head and places him in the trunk of his car. He drives of.


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  1. Elizabeth

    July 3, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    I hope that doctor isn’t killed.

    • Ratchet Queen

      July 4, 2017 at 2:33 pm

      Me too.

  2. Gabriella

    July 3, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    Polly had me cracking up on this episode lol.

  3. Sheika

    July 3, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    It was sad watching that innocent man get killed.

  4. Tasha

    July 3, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I really feel like something crazy is going to go down soon.

  5. Anonymous

    July 3, 2017 at 7:34 pm

    So Roller really is dead. That’s what I thought. Gotta watch this later. Holiday weekend has been lit!

  6. Babygirl

    July 3, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    This show is so good.

  7. Jordan's Memory

    July 3, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    I agree!

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