‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Amid Feud with Evelyn, Jackie Falls out with Shaunie

Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer and Tami head to Prime, their stomping grounds in Miami.

Jenn and Evelyn joke about how their marriages ended in Miami. They toast to their memories in the city and where they are all at now in their personal lives.

“We walk in like we own the place. All eyes are on us. We know the owner. That’s how it’s always been for the Miami crew.” – Tami

Jackie, Malaysia and Hazel go out clubbing but Jackie is upset with Shaunie.

Jackie says she got a text from a friend and they told her that Shaunie did an interview in which she said she doesn’t know who to believe when it comes to Ta’Kari and Jackie’s issues.

She also told the interviewer that she didn’t even know Jackie was a grandmother until her fallout with Evelyn.

This angers Jackie because she believes Shaunie should not be speaking on her troubled relationship with Ta’Kari.

“It hurts my heart. Me and Shaunie have been friends a long time, and she knows this thing with my daughter has been going on for years.” – Jackie

At Prime, Jenn brings up the fact that Jackie says Evelyn needs to apologize to her. But Evelyn refuses since Jackie called Shanice a whore.

Jennifer also brings up Malaysia and says that she and Tami need to make up because their fallout was petty.

Tami admits Malaysia was right about her makeup looking terrible on the day they clashed.

The subject changes into Jenn and Evelyn making up and both confirm they are in a good place.

Kijafa Vick shows up and invites them to her yacht party. Evelyn makes it clear that she’s not thrilled about being on the yacht with Jackie but she will tolerate it for the sake of the group.

Despite being upset with Shaunie, Jackie still has a good night clubbing with Hazel and Malaysia. Malaysia tries to teach Jackie how to twerk but she’s not able to do it as well as Malaysia.

On the day of the yacht party, Malaysia makes it clear that she doesn’t really want to talk to Tami. Jackie is still at odds with Evelyn and now she’s also upset with Shaunie. However, none of them feel like arguing on the yacht.

Malaysia, Jackie and Hazel make it to the yacht first. Everyone notices that Jackie appears to be dressed to fight.

Jennifer and Tami make it on the yacht a little later and Tami sits right in front of Malaysia. Malaysia says in her green screen interview that she’s not going to tolerate any drama from Tami.

The group notices that Jackie is already drunk.

Not too long after, Shaunie and Evelyn make it on the yacht. Evelyn notices immediately that Jackie is intoxicated. She has her taser on ready just in case there is an issue.

Tami knows the drama is thick but hopes there won’t be any more issues.

“Everybody is on board so let’s figure out how to have a good time.” – Tami

In their green screen interviews, all the ladies admit that they can’t swim so they don’t want any problems.

Jackie says in a green screen interview that Evelyn won’t make eye contact with her and it’s because she’s jealous or scared.

The tension between Evelyn and Jackie makes things awkward for everyone else, so Jackie tells Malaysia she wants to leave because she can’t be fake.

Kijafa and Jeniva ask Evelyn if she can ever be cordial with Jackie and she says, “Not in this lifetime.”

After having a conversation with Malaysia, Jackie tells her that she wants to confront Evelyn. She gets up to make her move but Malaysia restrains her.

“I’m sitting here looking at Jackie, and I know her mind is ticking. She’s thinking something, and in a minute, it’s gonna come out her mouth, and I do not want to be sitting here when it does.” – Tami

All of a sudden, Jackie asks Malaysia to go down to a lower part of the deck, as to not be anywhere close to Evelyn.

“If Evelyn is not going to remove herself from the situation, I guess I have to be the bigger person and just take myself out of the situation.” Jackie

When they get down to the lower deck, Jackie is telling Malaysia she needs to get off the boat, but Malaysia tries to get her to stay.

Back up top, Shaunie points out that Jackie was ready to fight, wearing jeans and sneakers.

Jackie can’t seem to cool off and tells Malaysia her violent thoughts, which includes stabbing Evelyn in the neck with a knife.

“She’s gonna probably have a fit, throw a couple of glasses,  I’ma stab her in her neck with this knife that’s upstairs, and we gonna be good, I’m keeping it real.” – Jackie

Malaysia freaks out at what Jackie is saying. At this point, Malaysia wants to do everything she can to get Jackie off the yacht.

So, they get ready to leave. When Malaysia and Jackie get their bags, Tami runs behind them to figure out why. Kijafa and Jeniva aren’t too far behind. Eventually all of them but Evelyn check on Jackie.

“I’m not an evil b***h.” – Jackie

Evelyn tells Jeniva her side of the story, telling her Jackie talked about her daughter and they will never be cordial.

Meanwhile, Shaunie tells Jackie she’s creating the negativity she claims she is trying to avoid.

“I feel like you set the tone for the rest of the trip.” – Shaunie

When Malaysia tells everyone she doesn’t want any negativity in front of the Baller Wives on their boat, Tami jumps into the conversation.

“So you felt you were getting negative energy?” – Tami

This turns things into another Tami and Malaysia showdown. However, Tami is reluctant on them hashing this out. Jennifer  and Kijafa get the others to head back to their table to allow Malaysia and Tami to talk.

Malaysia and Tami reluctantly have their sit-down.

Malaysia and Tami finally talk things out. Tami expresses, once again disappointment with Malaysia bringing around Brandi in Palm Springs.

“I was more hurt about the Brandi situation.” – Tami

They recap what happened at Saniy’yah’s party and how they started arguing. Malaysia tells her she doesn’t want to be in between the beef with Brandi and Tami

“That has nothing to do with me” – Malaysia.

The two of them come to an understanding and Malaysia agrees to keep Brandi away from Tami. She just asks that Tami refrains from speaking negatively about Brandi in her presence. Tami agrees and they hug it out.

Jackie rubs Shaunie the wrong way.

Meanwhile, Shaunie and Jackie are talking things out again. Jackie is expressing again how Evelyn getting involved with Ta’Kari angered her. She feels that Evelyn is conspiring with Ta’Kari to damage her name.

Suddenly, Jackie aggressively brings up Shaunie’s interview. This frustrates Shaunie, who feels like Jackie is ambushing her.

“I walked into death trap Jackie Christie.” – Shaunie

Meanwhile, Jackie is just going off about everything, especially Evelyn interacting with Ta’Kari.

“It’s disgusting that Evelyn is on the internet going back and forth with my daughter.” – Jackie

Jackie is telling Shaunie that Evelyn’s interactions with Ta’Kari over the internet is infuriating and is emotionally damaging to her. Malaysia is able to get Jackie to leave, but not before Jackie expresses her frustrations with Evelyn and Shaunie.

Jackie accuses Shaunie of spreading lies about her to the media but Shaunie says all she did was answer the questions honestly.

In a green screen interview, Tami expresses that she feels that Jackie should’ve been more careful in expressing her feelings to Shaunie. She then brings up how Brandi’s hostility towards Shaunie is a reason why she was fired.

“Do you remember about the last b***h that came for Jackie? She ain’t on this boat.” – Tami

When they tell Evelyn that Jackie said she wants to kill her multiple times, Evelyn replies she won’t ever apologize to Jackie.

Later that night, Tami meets with Jackie to recap her antics on the Baller Wives’ boat. She tells Jackie that she needed to be more careful with coming at Shaunie the way that she did.

Jackie feels that Shaunie was disrespectful talking about Ta’Kari in her interview. She also feels that Shaunie was taking Evelyn’s side in everything.

“It’s hurtful. I don’t know how I’ma get past it.” – Jackie


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    1. I was just about to type this. Jackie can’t emotionally regulate herself and no one knows what she really is upset about. How are you wanting to kill someone for helping? Ok maybe Evelyn ain’t about the right but she can constructively say that or just ignore her.

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