Amid Jackie & Evelyn’s Beef, Tami Roman Explains How She’s Not Being Hypocritical

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives” was an explosive one for Jackie Christie.

She’s been feuding with Evelyn Lozada over her troubled relationship with her daughter Ta’Kari Lee.

Her friendship with Shaunie O’Neal has also taken a hit, but Tami Roman has defended Jackie and shown support.

As a result of Tami’s support, she’s been getting accused of being a hypocrite on social media.

Tami has had just enough of the criticism though.

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  1. Tami is so full of sh-t. We have seen this b-tch try to fight people over the smallest sh-t. But now all of a sudden she’s above the sh-t. F-ck out of here. I’d at least respect if she just said she doesn’t f-ck with Evelyn and call it a damn day.

  2. Shaunie was behind the wheel while Tami was riding shotgun. Evelyn returned and Shaunie told Tami to get in the backseat. Now she’s salty & all of a sudden team Jackie LOL. Girl Bye!

  3. This is the same woman who stole another woman’s purse and dared her to take it back. She doesn’t have morals all of a sudden. She just doesn’t like Evelyn and it shows.

  4. She’s jumping through hoops and bounds to try to explain herself. And when people do that, it’s because they know they are wrong.

  5. How does this even make sense? For someone who claims to be so real, Tami has been very fake this season.

  6. Oh please. Tami is full of crap. Anyway, Jackie is just getting her karma. She’s the same one who called Draya a bad mother and taunted her about her situation with CPS when the show just started. I feel no sympathy for Jackie because I’ve been watching the show long enough to know better.

    1. I love Tami, but clearly she sided with Jackie because she can’t get over Evelyn messing with her ex.

  7. She just walked out of her own book signing cause Jackie showed up uninvited, is she kidding with her crap this season. I agree, she’s ready to jump on a dime for stuff she should let pass but now she’s ride or die for Jackie who is clearly a lying -ss sack of old dried up sh-t. Tammie you is foul…..

  8. Shanice is build a ho and Evelyn should have kept her mouth out her people’s families. Jackie was Evelyn while damn storyline. Why not talk about Carl and her sister wife in Arizona

  9. People like Malaysia and Tami are part of the problem. If they were Jackie’s real friends, they would have no problem telling her to step up as a mother. My issue with the black community is too often we turn a blind eye to abuse and if the victim speaks out or someone with enough sense, we tell them to shut up because it’s “family business.” It’s not family business. Jackie signed up for a reality show. If she’s not willing to discuss her life, she should find another career.

  10. Tami is a fake two-faced dangerous individual who needs to be let go along with , Malaysia & Jackie. I know these shoes are suppose to be entertainment, but a line should be drawn with this type of foolery. Tami didn’t want Hackie at her book signing & they fell out s couple of times & so have a Jackie & Malaysia. Now since Evelyn is back they ex for to side with & want everybody to forgive that psychotic, bi-polar Jackie? smh. I’m proud of Evelyn & how she showed restraint if not pulling out jackurs jugglar after she talked about Shaniece. Evelyn helped jackies daughter & the reason Jackie has such a big problem with that is, she know she didn’t help her daughter & is s sorry mom & grandson. Do y’all remember how she treated that weak a-s husband Diugnehen he was playing basketball? Jackie is pathetic.

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