Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Nikki Runs up on Kat + Ryan Cheats on Rachel with Kat?


Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Nikki Runs up on Kat + Ryan Cheats on Rachel with Kat?

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Kat returns.

While everyone in the shop is arguing, Kat walks in and makes a loud entrance. Don gives her a hug while everyone looks confused.

She asks everyone what’s going on because she can sense the tension.

She tells them she’s only going to be in town for a short time and she wants them to visit her lake house. She gives them 24 hours to make a decision. Everyone seems conflicted due to all the recurring drama that has been going on lately.

Don and Ashley go back to church.

Ashley hopes Don will get saved and turn his life over to Jesus, but Don remains seated when they call for people who want to be saved to go to the pulpit.

Eventually, Don makes his way to the pulpit.

He admits in his green screen interview that he originally went to church for Ashley but now he’s there for himself. He feels his anger issues may be a result of watching his parents have a violent relationship.

“At first I showed up to make Ashley happy, but to be honest, I could use a little bit of help in my life to make me a better man. Though I hate that I can snap at any moment. I hate that I even got that type of side in me. I remember watching my mom and dad slam each other over tables. If you see my dad punch a hole in the wall, you kinda feel like it’s okay to punch a hole in the wall too. I didn’t know better and I don’t want my kids to learn what I leaned. Like I don’t want them to be as angry as their dad.” – Don

The pastor prays over Don and he says he’s committing to giving a relationship with God a shot to help his family move forward.

Kat returns to sender.

Kat spends some time at her father’s house and catches up with Danielle.

While they are eating and hanging out, someone knocks at the door and hands Kat some flowers. She originally thinks the red roses are from Zach but turns out they are actually from Phor.

The card attached to the flowers reads: “Katrina, I’m really sorry about the way things ended with us. I want you to know I’ll always care for you. With love…Phor.”

Kat says two dozen roses seems romantic to her and not friendship like.

In a green screen interview, she says it’s messy for Phor to send her flowers when he’s supposed to be in a serious relationship with Nikki. They decide to return to the flowers back to Phor.

The group makes the trip to Kat’s lake house.

Van, Charmaine and Danielle decide to ride with Kat to her lake house.

Ryan, Cobra, JR and Phor ride to Kat’s lake house together.

During the ride, Charmaine says she refuses to make peace with Cobra considering their history. She’s still mad Cobra stole her ray bans.

When they get to the lake house, they see how nice it is and are impressed. Kat proposes a toast to the group and says she wants to recreate all the “good 9 Mag history” they used to have.

Don surprises them when he shows up and he says in a green screen interview that Ashley didn’t mind him coming since he’s been back in church.

Cobra says she’s very nervous about going to the lake house because she feels like most of the shop hates her still. She just wants to move forward.

Ryan says he feels like the bad guy of the shop since he knows he’s still not on good terms with Van and Danielle.

JR is hoping he won’t clash with Van again.

Kat’s happy to see Ryan and the rest of the group walk in but the tension is pretty thick.

Cobra and Charmaine make peace.

Charmaine tells Phor that she’s not comfortable with Cobra being there and she wants the money she’s owed for the ray bans. This annoys Cobra and she goes outside wondering why she even came.

Considering the drama at the shop and losing her dad, Coba says she feels alone.

She has an emotional moment by herself outside, and talks to her father.

Ryan defends why he brought Cobra with him to the lake house. He tells the group she feels alone because her father passed away recently. This hurts Charmaine and she goes outside to apologize and console her.

Charmaine admits that losing her father is her worst fear and she hugs Cobra. They both agree they want to move forward and leave the past in the past. Cobra surprises Charmaine with a pair of new sunglasses just like the ones she has.

They walk back into the lake house and tell everyone they are good now.

In a green screen interview, Kat takes credit for Cobra and Charmaine making up. She says it’s going to be harder to get Van and Ryan back on good terms.

Everyone starts loosening up as the drinks start flowing. Van is still keeping away from Ryan.

When Ryan goes to that bathroom to do a number two, Charmaine interrupts and tells him he needs to go upstairs and talk to Danielle. He tells her to get lost.

Nikki has a bone to pick with Phor.

Van’s girlfriend Jenn and Ashley hang out at Nikki’s shop since they decided not to go to the lake house. The delivery man knocks not he door and hands over the roses Phor originally sent Kat.

When they open the letter they realize they were to Kat from Phor.

This angers Nikki.

“Hell naw, what the f*ck is up with you Phor?” – Nikki

Phor joins the hot tub with Kat, Don and JR.

Phor asks if she got his flowers and she tells him she did but she doesn’t think it was appropriate. He says the flowers were for them to wipe the slate clean.

But Kat says sending flowers is ridiculous when he’s in a relationship. Phor is annoyed and he says he’s happy with Nikki. He feels like Kat is overreacting and he doesn’t want to get back in a relationship with her.

Ryan and Kat have a moment. 

Everyone is turning up and enjoying themselves. Kat whispers something in Ryan’s ear while the others are continuing to have more drinks.

Danielle says in a green screen interview that Charmaine has had too much to drink. Charmaine gets nauseous and runs up the stairs to get to the bathroom. However when she opens the door, Kat is walking out while Ryan is in the shower.

“If my d*ck out, my d*ck gon stay out.” – Ryan to Kat

This looks really suspect considering both Kat and Ryan are in relationships.

The next day Kat and Ryan have a cryptic conversation about what happened between them the night before. Kat asks Ryan if anyone saw anything and he reminds her that she still has her mic on.

“Yeah, you’re still mic’d.” – Ryan

“I know that. Do you think they saw anything last night?” – Kat

“What?” – Ryan

“Do you think they saw us? It’s all a blur to me.” – Kat

“No, you’re f*cking thinking too much. F*ck.” – Ryan

Charmaine wakes up and realizes she’s running late to an event for her radio gig.

Danielle tells her Johnny left a voicemail and they play it. He’s furious and says if she’s not there soon, she can kiss her job goodbye.

“She gonna get fired.” – Van

She hops in the car and rushes to the event.

Van and Cobra talk it out.

Van tells Cobra he knows they had differences in the past but he doesn’t think any of it was Cobra’s fault. He just feels Ryan should have asked him about hiring her and he apologizes for being verbally abusive to her.

Cobra accepts his apology and tells him she appreciates it.

He tells her he knows her father passed recently and he understands where she’s coming from since he just lost his uncle. They agree to move forward and hug it out.

Cobra asks Van to give her a tattoo in honor of her dad. He says he’s looking forward to it.

They head downstairs to do the tattoo.

Cobra says in a green screen interview that being part of 9Mag again is like being part of a family. She’s happy to be back.

Ashley comes up with a plan, while Van and Ryan come to an understanding.

Jen and Ashley pull up to Nikki’s place and tell her they found the address to Kat’s lake house and they need to go now. Nikki hops in the car.

Don and Kat propose that anyone who has beef should box it out. They bring out the gloves.

Charmaine returns and she gives them an update. She says she was three hours late to the event and Johnny was not trying to hear it. She was fired.

She’s embarrassed and wants to drink her problems away.

Don and Phor box first. The brothers both land some great punches and Don is proud he could go toe to toe with his older brother.

Then Van and Ryan put on the gloves. They both let out the aggression, both get some licks in the face. They then touch gloves and agree to end their beef.

Van says in a green screen interview that it felt good to let out their frustrations through boxing.

They sit down and both confirm they are now good. They then drink together.

Nikki confronts Kat and Phor.

Nikki, Jenn and Ashley then walk in the lake house. Nikki walks up on Phor from behind and hits him with the flowers.

Ashley goes off on Don for walking around the house with his shirt off. She yells at him and demands he puts shirt back on. He tries to explain he just got done boxing but Ashley tells him she’s also mad he hasn’t checked on her or their son.

He tells her he doesn’t want to keep fighting or yelling at each other. He tells her he understands she doesn’t trust him because of what he’s done in the past but he’s not cheating.

Ashley begins to calm down.

Since Don is being calm, she feels like she’s overreacting and she needs to trust him. They kiss and make up.

In a green screen interview, Don realizes already that being back in the church is helping his temper.

“Thank you, Jesus. You the man.” – Don

Nikki confronts Kat and tells her she thinks it was messy for Kat to send the flowers back to her shop.

“Why did you send the flowers back?” – Nikki

“Because I didn’t want them.” – Kat

“You could have just easily threw them in the garbage but you sent them back. You’re trying to take shots.” – Nikki

Kat denies trying to take shots at Nikki.

“If I was in Nikki’s shoes, I would never let another b*tch see me sweat.” – Kat

Nikki asks her why she came back and Phor tries unsuccessfully to calm her down.

In a green screen interview, Kat says she doesn’t understand Nikki’s behavior. She feels like Nikki should actually thank her for letting her know about the flowers.

She lounges at Kat and gets restrained by security. She calls Kat a whore and says she knows she’s been sleeping around in LA. She threatens to pop up at all 9 Mag events in the future and knocks everything off the tables on her way out.


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  1. Gloria

    August 10, 2017 at 11:30 am

    I don’t like that the Kat and Ryan thing happened and was glossed over like that. I guess we will learn more next week.

    • Lay Lay

      August 10, 2017 at 1:31 pm

      Now you know Vh1 is going to drag it out as much as possible. Charmaine is going to spill the tea next week though.

  2. Anonymous

    August 10, 2017 at 11:55 am

    I really hope Ryan wasn’t dumb enough to cheat on Rachel with Kat. She’s not worth it.

  3. Pat

    August 10, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    I knew Ryan was going to f-ck up this season when he said he got his Michelle Obama. Men ain’t sh-t.

  4. Ms. Jackson

    August 10, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Didn’t Ryan and Kat f-ck in the past? Rachel better check his fine a-s.

  5. Sheika

    August 10, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    Poor Rachel. Ryan is wrong.

  6. Anonymous

    August 10, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    Ryan has slept with Kat and Danielle if I’m not mistaken. These people are a mess.

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