'Growing Up Hip Hop' Recap: Tee Tee and Briana Latrise Come for Angela Simmons


‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Recap: Tee Tee and Briana Latrise Come for Angela Simmons

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Master P confronts Lil One and gives him a stern warning.

Romeo and Master P are at an audition in New Orleans and Lil One returns, despite Romeo’s advice. Master P pulls him to the side to let him know that his behavior won’t be tolerated. Lil One tries to explain his reasoning for attacking Kendrick, but P isn’t buying it.

“So if I get into it with you, you gonna kill me?” – Master P

Master P tells him that Romeo should’ve handle it with Kendrick, not him. He also tells him he doesn’t want Lil One around him or Romeo if he’s going to mess up their money.

Tee Tee and Briana throw major shade about Angela and Kristinia.

Egypt invited Briana and Troy to a yoga session with her and Tee Tee. At their session, Tee Tee tells them that Boogie got another DUI. Tee Tee also tells all of them that Kristinia arrived at their house-warming with Adonis. She then tells them that it’s been rumored that Kristinia and Adonis are sleeping together despite Adonis being married. Briana interjects that, “It’s the nice girls that be thotting the most.”

They then take shots at Angela, saying they did not believe she was a virgin up until her pregnancy.

“Miss, ‘I’m a virgin, but I’m pregnant.’ I’m never gonna let that go” – Briana

Tee Tee and Briana then continue to go in on Angela. Tee Tee says women don’t get pregnant from their first time, and Briana interjects saying, “It’s possible, but let’s be real. B****, you had hips a while ago which means you been f***ing.”

Egypt tries to defend Angela by saying it’s possible to get pregnant the first time, depending on the time of the month, things happen. However Briana and Tee Tee still go in on Angela. Tee Tee feels  Angela wasn’t a virgin, especially since she’s already on track to get married to her son’s father.

Briana then sarcastically asks when Angela’s wedding date is and Tee Tee throws more shade, implying Angela’s financé can’t financially support her, forcing Angela to buy her own engagement ring.

“She bought her own ring.” – Tee Tee

In a green screen interview, Egypt says that her cousin Tee Tee needs to be careful before karma comes back to her. She doesn’t like that Tee Tee is talking badly about Angela and Kristinia behind their backs.

The conversation turns to Vanessa’s fashion show and Briana doesn’t want to show up. She doesn’t like Angela very much and feels she’s going to have another confrontation with her if she attends the event.

“I mean, granted, I go around talking about how I don’t like you, but I have a good reason. You’re a c***.” – Briana

Vanessa and Daryan discuss their fractured relationships with Angela.

Meanwhile Vanessa hangs out her sister Daryan in LA as they prepare for the fashion show. Vanessa feels weird about Angela not coming around. She doesn’t know if Angela will even show up. Daryan asks if she knew if she was showing up, and Vanessa told her that she doesn’t know.

Vanessa admits she hasn’t talked to Angela in a long while. Daryan can relate because Angela and her haven’t ever had a close relationship. Daryan feels Angela needs to take initiative for their relationship to become closer.

“If she wants to fix the relationship, I think its time for her to kind of really take the initiative and fix it. At this point, I feel like I shouldn’t have to really beg for someone to be my sister and genuinely love me.” – Daryan

Kristinia and Egypt are out for lunch and she feels awkward hanging out with Kristinia. Kristinia feels Tee Tee is nice, but Egypt thinks she wouldn’t feel that way if she know what Tee Tee said behind her back.

They are talking about Angela and Vanessa and Egypt is concerned about her. Egypt feels this way because Angela hasn’t been showing up to their events.

“If she’s going through things, I wouldn’t want her to go through it alone.’ – Egypt

It’s the day of Vanessa’s big fashion show. So she’s backstage making sure things are going well. She is excited and nervous at the same time. Vanessa reveales that Angela doesn’t know that Daryan is in the show.

Briana confronts Boogie about his DUI.

Briana meets Boogie for lunch. When Boogie arrives, he asks for water and lemons. In a green screen interview, Briana reveals she called Boogie out to lunch to check on him. She mentions to Boogie that she wants to go speed dating. She also tells him that he isn’t grown enough to date Tee Tee.

She also tells Boogie that Kristinia and Adonis are intimate and she wants to talk to her about it since Adonis is married.

She then asks him about his second DUI and confirms she got the information from Tee Tee.

Boogie is frustrated that Tee Tee told folks about his second DUI. Briana tells him that he should tell Dame about it.

“You were man enough to do it.” – Briana

Angela shows up to the fashion show.

At the fashion show, Angela arrives and Vanessa is happy to see her. She tells Angela that Daryan is in the show and Angela tells Vanessa that she and Daryan have to talk.

Angela admits she’s been isolated because of her baby and the relationship she currently has.

“I miss you. I miss the family but its crazy… your life comes at you.” – Angela

Vanessa admits that she wants to be closer. Angela leaves Vanessa dressing room and goes to see Daryan but when she sees her and tries to say hello, but Daryan ignores her. Daryan finally responds by saying, “Hey.”

Angela is frustrated that her attempts to make small talk with Daryan aren’t successful, but she leaves it alone out of respect for Vanessa and not wanting to cause drama at her event.

Boogie is at his place and calls Romeo, asking for advice. He wants advice about the second DUI he got. Boogie is concerned about telling his pops about the DUI, especially when it comes to the weed business Dame wants Boogie to run.

The cast is shocked to see Adonis accompany Kristinia to the fashion show.

The other cast members arrive for Vanessa’s fashion show. Kristinia arrives with Adonis at her side. Kristinia gets alone, and Deja, Egypt and Tee Tee arrive. The girls talk about Tee Tee’s date with Boogie. Tee Tee then confirms that she and others will be going speed dating.

Kristinia interjects saying, “I’m single too.” Egypt believes Kristinia and thinks everyone else should too.

Everyone is excited to see Angela at the fashion show.

Pepa and Troy arrive later. Pepa and Adonis are cordial and Pepa questions if the rumors between the two are true in her green screen interview .

Vanessa meanwhile, is focused on the start of the show despite being worried about her relationship with her sisters. The show starts and the cast is impressed with the line and models. Angela reveals in her green screen interview that she wants to repair the relationships she has with her sisters.

Vanessa is excited to see everything work out with the fashion show and both of her sisters there.

Master P and Romeo have a heart to heart about apologizing to Kendrick.

Romeo rolls into the studio and lays down a few verses. Master P is impressed. They are talking about how their new music is going to relate to the changes in their personal lives. Romeo also tells P that he wants to apologize to Kendrick for everything. Romeo tells P that he wants to let this go. P approves, calling his choice mature, and Romeo shoots Kendrick a text apologizing.

Pepa and Tee Tee throw more shade at Kristinia.

After the show, Pepa is with Troy and her niece Tee Tee. Tee Tee is laying out the shade for them about Kristinia, cracking jokes at their expense.

“Troy said did Adonis have a plus one or a plus two?” – Tee Tee

When asked why didn’t Boogie showed up, Tee Tee tells Pepa and Troy that he got a second DUI and can’t drive. This news shocks Pepa and Troy. Although she loves the tea Tee Tee is spilling about the cast, Pepa isn’t sure she wants Egypt around all the drama.

Romeo gives Boogie some good advice.

The next day, Boogie arrives at Master P’s crib to talk to Romeo about his DUI. Romeo is not happy to hear about the news, telling him that this is a serious situation.

“That s*** is life or death.” – Romeo

Boogie says he is going to book some DJ gigs to pay for the lawyer. Romeo tells him he needs to tell Dame.

“The best thing to do is tell him and not let it be a secret.” – Romeo

Romeo also feels Boogie needs to separate from people talking about him behind his back, like Tee Tee is doing.

Briana clashes with Kristinia at a speed dating event.

Briana and Tee Tee are out for their speed dating. Tee Tee also invited Deja and Kristinia. Briana is eager to ask Kristinia if she and Adonis are together.

When Deja arrives, the vibe changes. In a green screen interview, Briana questions why Tee Tee invited Deja.

“Why would you bring this little cheerio b***h I don’t are about?” – Briana

Deja isn’t feeling Briana’s vibes and Briana tells her it’s ok for her not to like someone. Kristinia arrives last and she is cordial with everyone. Briana hops right into it and asks if Kristinia is still single. Kristinia says yes and then Briana brings up the rumor about her sleeping with Adonis.

“The word on the street is you’re f***king with Adonis.” – Briana

Kristinia denies this and becomes furious that Briana is bringing it up and tells her not to bring it up again. In a green screen interview, Briana throws some shade at Adonis.

“You can’t have the name of a f**king God and look like a f***king pit bull.” – Briana

The guys arrive and the speed dates begin and Deja and Kristinia talk about what happened. Kristinia is offended about what Briana said and feels that she’s been talking behind her back.

Meanwhile, Briana finds someone she likes at the speed dating event. He’s an up and coming rapper. When she sees Kristinia leaving, she throws one more stinger at her.

“I hope you’re not f**king that old man.” – Briana

Kristinia tells Briana she’s going to give her a pass for that since she knows Briana has been drinking.

Briana then sees the guy she likes sitting at a table talking to Deja. She abruptly ends her current speed date, even though the guy tells her it’s rude to get up and leave before the date is over. She walks over to Tee Tee and sits down with them. Deja sees this a her cue to leave also, giving up her seat to Briana.

Briana thanks her for being a team player by smacking her on the behind.

Angela tries to reconcile with Daryan and Vanessa, it doesn’t go well.

Angela is at a coffee shop waiting for her sisters so they can talk out their issues. Daryan and Vanessa arrive together. When they sit down, Angela tells them that she wants to repair their relationships.

“I think we should do better as sisters and stuff.” – Angela

Angela begins to cry when she explains why she hasn’t been close to them. She tells them it’s been stressful trying to balance everything as a new mom. Vanessa says they should lean on each other to make things easier. However, Daryan isn’t sure she trusts Angela.

Daryan explains that Angela was mean to her when they were children and she spent years trying to prove herself to her. This causes Angela and Daryan to cry as Angela pleads with her for forgiveness.

Daryan doesn’t want to forgive her for how she was treated when she was younger by Angela, which perplexes Vanessa.

“I feel like we just went into a war.” – Vanessa


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  1. Ms. Jackson

    August 11, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Tee Tee has a big a-s mouth. And she’s fake as hell too. All that sh-t she’s been talking about Kristinia but she was all gums in her face.

  2. Anonymous

    August 11, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    Tee Tee and Briana are really thirsty for a storyline.

  3. Anonymous

    August 11, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Grown women should worry about their own v-ginas.

  4. Onmystuff

    August 11, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    TT is not even a celebrity kids why does her messy a$$ even have a story line

  5. Peachy

    August 11, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    It’s like they brought Tee Tee on just to be messy.

  6. blackrose

    August 11, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    poor brianna. truly damaged
    messy tee tee is not as cute as she believes she is

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